54 Facts About Sean Waltman


Sean Michael Waltman was born on July 13,1972 and is an American professional wrestler currently signed to WWE under a legends contract.

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Sean Waltman subsequently performed sporadically for several promotions, notably TNA, and on the independent circuit, until he announced his retirement in 2019.

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Sean Waltman has won a dozen championships between WWE, WCW, and TNA, the majority being cruiserweight and tag team titles.

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Sean Waltman is the only wrestler to have held the TNA X Division Championship, the WCW Cruiserweight Championship, and the WWF Light Heavyweight Championship.

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Sean Waltman was the final WWF Light Heavyweight Champion before the title was retired in favor of the Cruiserweight Championship he simultaneously held.

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Sean Waltman is recognized by WWE as the only wrestler to have been "an active member of both the nWo and DX during their heydays" in the 1990s.

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Sean Michael Waltman was born in Minneapolis on July 13,1972.

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Sean Waltman was raised by a single mother and has called himself "unsupervised from age five".

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Sean Waltman joined his school wrestling team in ninth grade, but quickly quit when they told him he needed to cut his hair in order to wrestle.

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Sean Waltman worked his way through various independent promotions, including Pro Wrestling America and the Global Wrestling Federation, winning the PWA Light Heavyweight title, the PWA Iron Horse TV Title and the GWF Light Heavyweight Championship.

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Sean Waltman was hospitalized for three days, could not work for four months, and was advised to give up wrestling completely.

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Sean Waltman appeared in New Japan Pro-Wrestling's Top of the Super Juniors in 1993, facing the likes of Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero and Jushin Liger.

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Sean Waltman reminisced that he was lucky to have an opponent with a vested interest in an impressive match, rather than a disinterested WWF veteran jobber like Virgil or Jim Powers.

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Sean Waltman quickly became "The Cannonball Kid", losing to Mr Hughes.

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Sean Waltman wrestled Bret Hart in an unusually long match for the WWF Championship on July 11,1994 on Raw and had another brief tag title reign in January 1995, with Bob Holly beating Bam Bam Bigelow and Tatanka at the Royal Rumble before losing to The Smoking Gunns the next day on Raw.

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Sean Waltman was the sole survivor of his team at Survivor Series, besting rival Marty Jannetty.

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Sean Waltman remained with the group until May 1996 when Waltman left the WWF.

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Sean Waltman lost a "Crybaby match" to Razor Ramon at In Your House 6.

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Notably, Sean Waltman was the only Kliq member not involved in the infamous "Curtain Call" that took place at Madison Square Garden the night before his final match from his first WWF run aired, as he was in drug rehab at the time.

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On September 16,1996, Sean Waltman was shown sitting in the front row for a live episode of Nitro.

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Sean Waltman claims this was a power play aimed at his friends Hall and Nash, whose backstage influence was felt as a threat.

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Sean Waltman returned to WWF television on the March 30,1998 episode of Monday Night Raw, the night after WrestleMania XIV and days after his firing from WCW.

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Sean Waltman lost the title to Shane McMahon on February 15,1999.

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Sean Waltman said he had been waiting four years to do so, because Hogan shot on WCW Thunder after Waltman's firing, saying he could not "cut the mustard".

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Sean Waltman retained the title in a bout with Juventud Guerrera on March 1, and held it until the promotion closed in March 2003.

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Under his real name, Sean Waltman returned to TNA on February 13,2005 at Against All Odds, attacking Jeff Jarrett during his NWA World Heavyweight Championship match with Kevin Nash.

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At Hard Justice in 2005, Sean Waltman replaced Jeff Hardy, who no-showed, and lost to Raven in a Clockwork Orange House of Fun match after being back body dropped through the steel cage.

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Sean Waltman then partnered with Alex Shelley to win the Chris Candido Cup.

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Sean Waltman was not seen again until a one-night return at Final Resolution on January 15,2006, brought in by Larry Zbyszko to defeat his rival, Raven.

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In February 2006, Sean Waltman joined MTV's newly formed Wrestling Society X promotion, as "6-Pac".

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Sean Waltman challenged Vampiro in episode four, as a ruse to introduce Ricky Banderas, who attacked Vampiro from behind.

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Sean Waltman later defeated Human Tornado and Scorpio Sky in singles matches, and teased an affair with Lizzy Valentine, though WSX folded before the angle could go on any further.

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On July 8,2007, Sean Waltman teamed with Billy Kidman in a three-way tag match in McAllen, Texas for the NWA World Tag Team Championship, which had been vacated by Team 3D after the NWA stopped working with TNA.

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Sean Waltman was attacked by The Real American Heroes and Pearce, so won by disqualification.

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Kevin Nash, Hall and Sean Waltman quickly reformed an alliance called The Band, but Hogan stayed away, saying times had changed.

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On February 26,2011, Sean Waltman was inducted into the Legends Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame in Wheeling, West Virginia by Jack Blaze at their "LPW X-Factor 2011" event.

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On March 5,2011, Sean Waltman reunited with former D-Generation X members Road Dogg and Billy Gunn for a six-man tag match at a Pro Wrestling Syndicate show in Long Island, New York.

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Sean Waltman later worked backstage as a scout and evaluator in Florida Championship Wrestling, the WWE developmental territory.

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The day after, Sean Waltman defeated Amazing Red, Frightmare and Obariyon in a four-way elimination match to make it to the next day's Rey de Voladores tournament final.

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Sean Waltman defeated Krimson in the semi-final and Daivari in the final, winning the title.

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Sean Waltman underwent a sphincteroplasty and was released the following morning.

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In September 2014, Sean Waltman returned to Chikara to do commentary during the first round of the 2014 King of Trios.

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Sean Waltman appeared again with Hall and Nash, being interrupted by The Ascension, who were attempting to attack them, only to be joined by The APA and The New Age Outlaws in fending off The Ascension.

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In January 2018, Sean Waltman returned at WWE Raw 25 Years and reunited with DX and Scott Hall.

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In 2019, Sean Waltman was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as a member of D-Generation X alongside Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Road Dogg, Billy Gunn and the late Chyna.

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On December 9,2019, it was announced that Sean Waltman would be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame a second time as a part of the class of 2020, this time as a member of the New World Order, together with fellow former nWo stablemates Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall; this made him the first person to be inducted two years in a row, and the first to be inducted twice as part of teams or groups.

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Sean Waltman came out of retirement in February 2022, debuting in Game Changer Wrestling on its "Welcome to Heartbreak" pay-per-view as the tag team partner of Joey Janela.

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In 2004, Sean Waltman co-starred with then-girlfriend Chyna in the now-infamous amateur adult film 1 Night in China.

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Sean Waltman has made various appearances on other podcasts including The Steve Austin Show, Talk Is Jericho, and The Ross Report.

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In March 2005, Sean Waltman appeared on the VH1 reality show The Surreal Life, in which he visited Laurer in an attempt to reconcile with her.

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Sean Waltman has been open about past substance abuse issues; during his relationship with Laurer, he struggled with an addiction to methamphetamines and multiple narcotics such as cocaine and prescription pain medication.

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Sean Waltman later said he was so overcome with shame and guilt after a physical altercation with his then-girlfriend Alicia Webb that he consumed a mixture of pills and alcohol and hanged himself from his apartment balcony.

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On September 24,2018, Sean Waltman announced the death of his ex-wife and the mother of his two children, Terry Sean Waltman, to whom he was married from 1994 to 2002.

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Sean Waltman said she had "lost her battle with mental illness and addiction".

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