22 Facts About Billy Kidman


Billy Kidman is a cousin of fellow professional wrestler Mikey Batts.


Billy Kidman formed a tag team with Ace Darling known as The Shooting Stars, and they would find success by winning the ECWA Tag Team Championship.


In 1997, Billy Kidman was added to Raven's Flock and to fit in with the Flock's gimmick of being outcasts, Billy Kidman was given the gimmick of a heroin addict, where he constantly scratched his arms and named his shooting star press the Seven Year Itch.


Billy Kidman found little personal success with the group and aided Perry Saturn in defeating Raven in a match, thus disbanding the group.


Billy Kidman eventually lost the title on an episode of Nitro to Rey Mysterio.


Billy Kidman then faced off against Mysterio in an attempt to win back the Cruiserweight Championship at Spring Stampede Mysterio retained his title.


Billy Kidman won the Cruiserweight Championship one more time from Prince Iaukea at a house show, but lost it to Iaukea one day later.


Billy Kidman defeated Psicosis in a hair vs mask match, and came close to defeating Jeff Jarrett for the United States Heavyweight Championship.


Guerrero left the group when he left WCW, and Billy Kidman left the stable when the rest of its members turned heel.


Billy Kidman later rejoined the Animals when they turned face during the last few months of WCW's existence.


Billy Kidman was legitimately injured in a match at New Blood Rising in August 2000, when in a strap match, Douglas hung Billy Kidman from the neck using the strap, and was forced to take several weeks off to recover.


That night, the World Wrestling Federation purchased WCW and Billy Kidman's contract was picked up by the WWF.


Billy Kidman later lost the title three months later to Matt Hardy at No Way Out.


The next week, Billy Kidman was on the top rope ready to hit the shooting star press, but hesitated, climbed down the turnbuckles, and slowly walked backstage overwhelmed with guilt after injuring Guerrero.


Billy Kidman then competed against London over the Cruiserweight Championship in the coming months.


At the start of 2005, Billy Kidman suffered a broken orbital bone, which sidelined him for three months.


Billy Kidman wrestled British wrestling legend Robbie Brookside in a losing effort to determine the inaugural Real Quality Wrestling Heavyweight Champion.


In 2007, Billy Kidman made his International Wrestling Association debut in a match for the IWA World Heavyweight Championship against Ray Gonzalez, which he lost.


On July 8,2007, Billy Kidman teamed up with Sean Waltman as part of a triple threat match in McAllen, Texas to crown the new NWA World Tag Team Champions.


Billy Kidman returned to WWE in 2007, helping train upcoming wrestlers in its then developmental territory Florida Championship Wrestling throughout 2007 and 2008.


Billy Kidman's contract was furloughed by the company on April 15,2020, due to COVID-19 cutbacks.


In 2014, Billy Kidman began appearing on The JBL Show, where he attempts to promote his Twitter page but is always interrupted due to technical difficulties, which has become a running gag on the show.