33 Facts About Cody Rhodes

1. Cody Rhodes is a comic book fan and has worn wrestling gear inspired by Archangel and Mister Sinister, characters from X-Men.

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2. Cody Rhodes is a fan of The Legend of Zelda video game series, incorporates its style in his wrestling gear and has stated he replays A Link to the Past yearly.

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3. In September 2013, Cody Rhodes married Brandi Reed, who worked for WWE as a ring announcer under the name Eden Stiles.

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4. Cody Rhodes has two sisters, Teil Gergel and Kristin Ditto, who is a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader.

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5. Cody Rhodes is of partial Cuban descent through his maternal grandfather.

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6. Cody Rhodes reprised the role on episode 21 of the fifth season of Arrow.

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7. Cody Rhodes guest-starred on Arrow in the fifth-season episode "A Matter of Trust" playing Derek Sampson, a drug dealer turned metahuman with the inability to feel pain.

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8. In July 2009, Cody Rhodes became one of the faces of the Gillette "Be a Superstar" advertising campaign, along with Chris Jericho and John Cena.

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9. Cody Rhodes would lose the championship back to Aldis at the NWA 70th Anniversary Show.

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10. At the event, Cody Rhodes defeated Nick Aldis to win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, which made him and his father, "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes, the first father and son duo ever to hold the championship.

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11. Cody Rhodes faced Kota Ibushi at Wrestle Kingdom 12 in a losing effort.

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12. On January 4, 2017, Cody Rhodes defeated Juice Robinson in his debut match at Wrestle Kingdom 11 in Tokyo Dome.

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13. On December 10, 2016, Cody Rhodes, billed as "The American Nightmare" Cody, appeared at New Japan Pro-Wrestling's World Tag League finals via video package, announcing himself as the newest member of Bullet Club.

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14. The match marked the end of Cody Rhodes' dates with TNA.

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15. Cody Rhodes returned on the February 23, 2017, Impact Wrestling, calling out Moose to thank him for helping his wife Brandi while he was away.

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16. Cody Rhodes was expected to work events for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling while simultaneously working in ROH, both deals being non-exclusive.

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17. On July 19, 2016, Cody Rhodes announced that he would appear at Ring of Honor's Final Battle pay-per-view on December 2.

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18. Cody Rhodes faced Kurt Angle at True Legacy in a losing effort.

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19. On December 1, 2017, Cody Rhodes would lose the NEW Heavyweight Championship to Flip Gordon in a triple threat match.

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20. On March 3, 2017, Cody Rhodes appeared for Northeast Wrestling in Connecticut, defeating Kurt Angle in a steel cage match.

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21. Cody Rhodes teamed with his brother to defeat RybAxel that night and then at both Money in the Bank and on Raw.

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22. Cody Rhodes was a member of Team Barrett for a traditional Survivor Series match at Survivor Series, in which he and Wade Barrett were the only two survivors and won the match against a team led by Orton.

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23. Cody Rhodes put paper bags over several of his opponents' heads after matches with them.

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24. Cody Rhodes was off television for several weeks, missing both the Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber pay-per-view events.

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25. On January 21, 2011, Cody Rhodes faced Rey Mysterio in a match, during which Mysterio hit Rhodes in the face with his exposed knee brace and legitimately broke Rhodes' nose, which led to Rhodes declaring he was no longer dashing and had required facial reconstructive surgery.

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26. Cody Rhodes was caught by the referee, resulting in a disqualification for Orton, who attacked Rhodes and DiBiase, who had tried to help Rhodes, after the match.

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27. Cody Rhodes eventually earned Holly's respect, impressing Holly during their matches with his persistence and several near-falls, and the two formed a tag team.

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28. The next night on Raw, Cody Rhodes challenged Orton to a rematch from the previous week, only to lose again.

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29. Cody Rhodes appeared at The Great American Bash to prevent Orton from further attacking his father.

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30. Cody Rhodes had planned to wrestle collegiately at Pennsylvania State University, but decided to become a professional wrestler instead.

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31. Cody Rhodes had a successful high school wrestling career, attending Lassiter High School.

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32. Cody Rhodes changed his name to Cody Rhodes by the age of 17.

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33. Cody Rhodes left WWE after requesting his release in May 2016.

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