89 Facts About Cody Rhodes


Cody Garrett Runnels Rhodes is an American professional wrestler and actor.

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Cody Rhodes is currently signed to WWE, where he performs on the Raw brand.

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Cody Rhodes rose to prominence during his first tenure with WWE from 2006 to 2016, where he performed under his real name, as well as under the gimmick and ring name Stardust, an overly deep, dramatic, and sparkling spin-off gimmick of his half-brother's Goldust character.

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Cody Rhodes has wrestled for various other notable promotions, including Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, Ring of Honor, and New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

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In September 2017, Cody Rhodes wrestled in ROH, where he became a one-time ROH World Champion.

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All totaled between WWE, AEW, NWA, ROH, and NJPW, Cody Rhodes has held 15 championships, including two world titles, and in early fall 2018 held the NWA World, IWGP US, and ROH Six-Man titles simultaneously.

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In January 2019, Cody Rhodes was unveiled as an executive vice president of the newly formed AEW, where he would serve as a wrestler.

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Cody Rhodes attended Lassiter High School and had a successful high school wrestling career.

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Cody Rhodes had planned to wrestle collegiately at Penn State University, but decided to become a professional wrestler instead.

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Rhodes originally credits his father Dusty Rhodes for starting his wrestling training, when Cody was only 12 years old; this was limited mainly to simple fundamentals and taking bumps.

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Cody Rhodes appeared at The Great American Bash to prevent Orton from further attacking his father.

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The next night on Raw, Cody Rhodes challenged Orton to a rematch from the previous week, only to lose again.

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The following week, Cody Rhodes teamed up with Mickie James to defeat Daivari and Jillian Hall, ending their scripted rivalry.

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Cody Rhodes eventually earned Holly's respect, impressing Holly during their matches with his persistence and several near-falls, and the two formed a tag team.

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The following week on Raw, DiBiase and Cody Rhodes used their rematch clause to regain the championship.

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At Survivor Series, Cody Rhodes, along with Orton, was a survivor, for Orton's team, in the annual Elimination match.

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Tension within The Legacy became apparent at the 2010 Royal Rumble, when Cody Rhodes attempted to interfere in Orton's match for the WWE Championship.

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The following week on SmackDown, Cody Rhodes participated in a tournament for the vacant WWE Intercontinental Championship, but lost to Christian in the semi-finals.

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Cody Rhodes mentored Husky Harris, a third-generation wrestler, in the second season of NXT.

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Cody Rhodes would participate in the Money in the Bank ladder match at the first ever Money in the Bank pay-per-view event but was unsuccessful as the match was won by Kane.

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Cody Rhodes was extremely protective of his face during matches; if he was hit in the face, he threw a fit and checked his mirror.

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Cody Rhodes demanded the audience to put on the paper bags on their heads to cover their ugliness and imperfections, because they offended him.

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Cody Rhodes put paper bags over several of his opponents' heads after matches with them.

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At the second annual Money in the Bank pay-per-view, Cody Rhodes participated in the Money in the Bank ladder match, but was unsuccessful as Bryan won the match.

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The following week, Cody Rhodes attacked DiBiase after the latter lost a singles match to Orton, ending their alliance and resulting in an Intercontinental Championship match between the two at Night of Champions, which Cody Rhodes won.

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At the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view on October 2, Cody Rhodes debuted a new design for the Intercontinental Championship, which included a white strap and plates similar to the title's classic 1980s design, before successfully defending it against John Morrison.

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At Survivor Series, Cody Rhodes was sole survivor alongside Team Captain Wade Barrett in their traditional Survivor Series match against Team Orton.

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At Elimination Chamber Cody Rhodes pinned Big Show in the World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber match, before being eliminated by Santino Marella.

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Cody Rhodes spent the following weeks highlighting Big Show's embarrassing moments in previous WrestleManias, often costing Big Show to lose matches in the process.

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At WrestleMania XXVIII, Cody Rhodes lost the Intercontinental Championship to Big Show, ending his near eight-month reign of 233 days.

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Four weeks after losing the title, Cody Rhodes regained it at Extreme Rules by defeating Big Show in a Tables match.

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Two weeks later at Over the Limit, Cody Rhodes lost the Intercontinental Championship to the returning Christian.

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Cody Rhodes would go on to lose to Christian in a rematch for the title at No Way Out.

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Four days later on Super SmackDown Live, the WWE Board of Directors granted Cody Rhodes another shot and he defeated Christian to earn a spot in the match.

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The team, now known as "Cody Rhodes Scholars", won a Tag Team Championship tournament to become the number one contenders to the Tag Team Championship, but they were defeated by the champions twice.

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Cody Rhodes suffered a concussion and a strained shoulder, resulting in him being removed from his traditional five-on-five tag team match at Survivor Series.

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Six days later at the pay-per-view, Team Cody Rhodes Scholars defeated Mysterio and Sin Cara to become the number one contenders to the WWE Tag Team Championship.

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Team Cody Rhodes Scholars received their title shots on the next Main Event episode, but were defeated by Team Hell No On the January 7,2013, Raw, Team Cody Rhodes Scholars defeated Team Hell No in a non-title match to earn another shot at the WWE Tag Team Championship.

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The following night on Raw, Cody Rhodes attacked Sandow and dissolved Team Cody Rhodes Scholars, turning face for the first time since 2008.

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Cody Rhodes continued his feud with Sandow on that same week's SmackDown, by preventing Sandow from cashing in his new Money in the Bank contract on a vulnerable Alberto Del Rio.

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The following week on Raw, Cody Rhodes teamed with The Miz to defeat Sandow and Fandango to end the feud.

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At Survivor Series, Team Cody Rhodes, now known as The Brotherhood, were unsuccessful in the traditional five-on-five elimination tag team match against Team Shield.

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Goldust and Cody Rhodes faced the Outlaws in a rematch on Raw after the Royal Rumble, which ended in a no contest after Brock Lesnar attacked them both.

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Cody Rhodes teamed with his brother to defeat RybAxel that night and then at both Money in the Bank and on Raw.

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Cody Rhodes attacked Neville following his match with King Barrett, and attacked guest star Stephen Amell, leading to Amell attacking Stardust.

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Cody Rhodes then suffered back-to-back losses during his feud with Titus O'Neil, who attempted to convince Stardust to go back to being Cody Rhodes.

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Cody Rhodes defeated Fandango on the January 12 episode of Main Event to qualify for the 2016 Royal Rumble match.

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Cody Rhodes later faced Sami Zayn at the Roadblock event in a losing effort.

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On May 21,2016, Cody Rhodes revealed on Twitter that he had requested his release from WWE, which was officially granted the following day.

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Cody Rhodes cited frustrations with WWE's creative department and his position within the company as the reasons for requesting his release, noting that he had "pleaded" with writers to end the Stardust gimmick for over six months and pitched numerous storyline ideas which had been ignored.

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James Caldwell of Pro Wrestling Torch wrote that Cody Rhodes "had been floundering as the Stardust character over the past year or so, mostly landing on Superstars or Main Event".

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In September 2019, Cody Rhodes revealed WWE Executive Vice President Triple H's reaction to his WWE departure, where Cody Rhodes stated:.

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The following day, Cody Rhodes was eliminated from the tournament in the quarterfinals by eventual winner Marty Scurll.

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On March 3,2017, Cody Rhodes appeared for Northeast Wrestling in Connecticut, defeating Kurt Angle in a steel cage match.

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On March 18,2017, Cody Rhodes defeated Mike Bennett for the NEW Heavyweight Championship.

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On December 1,2017, Cody Rhodes lost the NEW Heavyweight Championship to Flip Gordon in a triple threat match.

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The following day at the 14th episode of Loaded, Cody Rhodes unsuccessfully challenged Joseph Conners for the WCPW Championship.

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Cody Rhodes faced Kurt Angle at True Legacy in a losing effort.

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Later that night, Cody Rhodes took part in a battle royal for the WCPW Championship but was eliminated by Joe Coffey.

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The following day, Cody Rhodes defeated former WCPW Champion Drew Galloway in his final match with WCPW.

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On July 19,2016, Cody Rhodes announced that he would appear at Ring of Honor's Final Battle pay-per-view on December 2.

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Cody Rhodes faced Jay Lethal for the ROH World Championship at Final Battle, but he lost the match.

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Cody Rhodes was expected to work events for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling while simultaneously working in ROH, both deals being non-exclusive.

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Cody Rhodes returned on the February 23,2017 episode of Impact Wrestling, calling out Moose to thank him for helping his wife Brandi while he was away.

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On January 4,2017, Cody Rhodes defeated Juice Robinson in his debut match at Wrestle Kingdom 11 in Tokyo Dome.

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Cody Rhodes returned to NJPW in February during the NJPW and ROH co-produced Honor Rising: Japan 2017 shows.

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Cody Rhodes faced Kota Ibushi at Wrestle Kingdom 12 on January 4,2018, in a losing effort.

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At Fighting Spirit Unleashed, Cody Rhodes defeated Robinson to win the IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship, his first championship in NJPW.

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At Wrestle Kingdom 13 on January 4,2019, Cody Rhodes lost the United States Heavyweight Championship back to Robinson.

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On January 1,2019, All Elite Wrestling was unveiled during a conference in Jacksonville, with Cody Rhodes revealing that he, along with Matt and Nick Jackson of The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega, would serve as Executive Vice Presidents, as well as on-air talent.

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Cody Rhodes defeated Shawn Spears and Darby Allin to reach the finals of the tournament to face Lance Archer, who advanced to the finals.

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Subsequently, it was reported that Cody Rhodes would be taking up a leave of absence from the company.

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At Full Gear, Cody Rhodes teamed up with Pac against Black and Andrade El Idolo in a winning effort.

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At the Beach Break event on January 26,2022, Cody Rhodes lost the title back to Guevara in a highly acclaimed ladder match.

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Cody Rhodes subsequently defeated Rollins once more in a rematch at WrestleMania Backlash.

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Ahead of their Hell in a Cell match at the eponymous event, Cody Rhodes suffered a legitimate pectoral muscle tear, which had eventuated halfway through a brawl on the prior episode of Raw.

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The injury was exacerbated when the muscle tore entirely off the bone while Cody Rhodes was weight training in the days preceding the event.

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Cody Rhodes entered Hell in a Cell with a massive spot of discolored skin, but despite the severe injury, managed to defeat Rollins for the third time.

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Three days later, it was announced that Cody Rhodes underwent successful surgery to repair a torn right pectoral tendon, but was rendered unable to compete for nine months.

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In July 2009, Cody Rhodes became one of the faces of the Gillette "Be a Superstar" advertising campaign, along with Chris Jericho and John Cena.

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Cody Rhodes guest-starred on Arrow in the fifth-season episode "A Matter of Trust" playing Derek Sampson, a drug dealer turned metahuman with the inability to feel pain.

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Cody Rhodes reprised the role on episode 21 of the fifth season of Arrow.

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In July 2018, Cody Rhodes announced that his character would be back for a couple of episodes in Season 7 as well.

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Cody Rhodes is of partial Cuban descent through his maternal grandfather.

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Cody Rhodes's father was WWE Hall of Famer "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes and his half-brother is Dustin Runnels, who is better known by his ring names Goldust and Dustin Rhodes.

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Cody Rhodes has two sisters, Teil Gergel and Kristin Ditto, who is a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader.

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Cody Rhodes is a fan of The Legend of Zelda video game series, incorporates its style in his wrestling gear and has stated he replays A Link to the Past yearly.

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Cody Rhodes is a comic book fan and has worn wrestling gear inspired by Archangel and Mister Sinister, characters from X-Men.

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Cody Rhodes has cited Omega Red and Cyclops as his favorite fictional characters along with the Inhumans and he personally owns a game cabinet of the 1992 X-Men arcade game.

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