18 Facts About Ronald Wayne


Ronald Gerald Wayne was born on May 17,1934 and is a retired American businessman in the electronics industry.


Ronald Wayne went on to pursue his strong desire to develop a new line of electronic slot machines replacing the mechanical models of that day.


Ronald Wayne was born in Cleveland, Ohio, United States on May 17,1934.


Ronald Wayne trained as a technical draftsman during high school at the School of Industrial Art in New York City.


In 1971, Ronald Wayne started his first business which sold slot machines.


In 1976, Ronald Wayne built the internal corporate documentation systems at the three-year-old Atari, when he met coworkers Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.


Ronald Wayne illustrated the first Apple logo and wrote the Apple I manual.

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Legally, all members of a partnership are personally responsible for any debts incurred by any partner; unlike Jobs and Wozniak, then 21 and 25, Ronald Wayne had personal assets that potential creditors could possibly seize.


Reportedly, "Twelve days after Ronald Wayne wrote the document that formally created Apple, he returned to the registrar's office and renounced his role in the company", therefore relinquishing his equity in exchange for on April 12,1976.


Ronald Wayne has stated in following decades that he does not regret selling his share of the company, as he made the "best decision with the information available to me at the time".


Shortly after leaving Apple, Ronald Wayne resisted Jobs's attempts to get him to return, remaining at Atari until 1978, when he joined Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and later an electronics company in Salinas, California.


Steve Jobs approached him again as a business contact for Apple, but Ronald Wayne refused to even forward Jobs's proposal to purchase a friend's company.


Ronald Wayne's principle was that his friend should retain ownership under exclusive license to Apple instead of selling, but he would later express regret for having blocked the contact instead of allowing the decision to be made directly.


Circa 2004, aged 70, Ronald Wayne claimed he was robbed of his life savings, which he kept in a strongbox in his home.


Ronald Wayne never owned an Apple product until 2011, when he was given an iPad 2 at the Update Conference in Brighton, England.


In July 2011, Ronald Wayne published a memoir titled Adventures of an Apple Founder.


Ronald Wayne wrote a socioeconomic treatise titled Insolence of Office, released on October 1,2011, which he describes as this:.


Ronald Wayne appeared in the documentary Welcome to Macintosh in 2008, where he describes some of his early experiences with Jobs and Wozniak.