11 Facts About Rugby School


Rugby School is a public school in Rugby, Warwickshire, England.

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Rugby School was founded in 1567 as a provision in the will of Lawrence Sheriff, who had made his fortune supplying groceries to Queen Elizabeth I of England.

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In 1992, the first 13-year-old girls arrived, and in 1995 Rugby School had its first-ever Head Girl, Louise Woolcock, who appeared on the front page of The Times.

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Rugby School elaborated on the story four years later in another letter to The Meteor, but shed no further light on its source.

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The games played at Rugby School were organised by the pupils and not the masters, the rules being a matter of custom and not written down.

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Rugby School Fives is a handball game, similar to squash, played in an enclosed court.

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Rugby School Fives is played between two players or between two teams of two players each, the aim being to hit the ball above a 'bar' across the front wall in such a way that the opposition cannot return it before a second bounce.

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Rugby School Fives continues to have a good following with tournaments being run nationwide, presided over by the Rugby School Fives Association.

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Rugby School has produced a number of cricketers who have gone onto play Test and first-class cricket.

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Rugby School has both day and boarding-pupils, the latter in the majority.

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Rugby School calls the morality practised at Arnold's school muscular Christianity.

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