12 Facts About S-VHS


S-VHS, the common initialism for Super VHS, is an improved version of the VHS standard for consumer-level video recording.

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The often quoted horizontal resolution of "over 400" means S-VHS captures greater picture detail than even NTSC analog cable and broadcast TV, which is limited to about 330 television lines .

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Later model S-VHS VCRs offered a recording option called S-VHS ET, which allowed SVHS VCRs to record on VHS tape.

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S-VHS ET is a further modification of the VHS standards that permitted near S-VHS quality recordings on more common and less expensive basic VHS tapes.

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Videophiles were the first to theorize that since the only distinguishing feature of an S-VHS tape is a small 3 mm hole on the underside of the video cassette, it should be possible to use more common and inexpensive VHS tapes by duplicating that hole.

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However, S-VHS cassettes contain a higher grade and coercivity of tape stock to effectively record the higher video bandwidth offered by S-VHS.

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S-VHS tapes are compatible with VHS VCRs, but an SVHS recording will not play back properly.

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Full-size S-VHS was more popular in the amateur video industry, as it allowed for at least second generation copies at reasonable quality, which was necessary for editing.

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Shortly after the announcement of S-VHS, Sony responded with an announcement of Extended Definition Betamax .

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S-VHS was JVC's next generation video format designed to dominate the competing SuperBetamax format .

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S-VHS was used in some TV stations for inexpensive "on the spot" camcorder capture of breaking news, however it was not suitable for multi-generational use.

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Professional S-VHS decks did offer digital PCM audio, a feature not matched by ED-Beta decks.

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