14 Facts About Sale Sharks


Sale Sharks is a professional rugby union club from Greater Manchester, England.

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Sale Sharks moved into Heywood Road in 1905 and would remain there until 2003.

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Sale Sharks were unbeaten in 26 matches, winning 24 and drawing two in 1911.

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Sale Sharks ruled the roost in county cup rugby for 15 straight seasons as they went unbeaten from 1972 to 1987 in every one of those cup fixtures.

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Success was not immediate; Sale Sharks finished eleventh and tenth in the 12-strong Premiership table in the first two years of the new Millennium.

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Sale Sharks appointed James Jennings as the new chief executive and Dean Schofield as the new captain.

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Sale Sharks had signed good players including Luke McAlister from the Blues in New Zealand.

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Sale Sharks was knocked out of the European Cup in the group stages.

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Sale Sharks started the season well, but form faltered towards the latter half of the campaign, and Tony Hanks was fired as head coach after a defeat to Saracens.

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Sale Sharks finished the season in sixth place, missing out on a place on the play-off competition, but managed to secure qualification to the inaugural European Rugby Champions Cup.

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In January 2021, Sale Sharks confirmed that Saracens forward coach Alex Sanderson took over the role of Director of Rugby at the club.

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Sale Sharks went on to make 90 appearances for the club, with his leadership qualities earning him the club captaincy.

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Results picked up in the new year but Sale Sharks narrowly missed out on the top 4 by 5 points, having to settle for a 6th place finish.

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That sense of community is celebrated with the 'Fabric of the North' kit release campaign, which features some of the Sale Sharks Family wearing the kit at iconic north west locations.

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