14 Facts About Sam Nunberg


Sam Nunberg was born on June 21,1981 and is an American public affairs consultant based in Manhattan.

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Sam Nunberg was a political advisor to Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign.

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In March 2018, Nunberg was subpoenaed by a grand jury for testimony and documents relating to the Special Counsel's Russia investigation.

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Sam Nunberg was born to a Jewish family; his mother was a corporate attorney at Wachtell, Lipton and his father was a real estate attorney who worked with Trump attorney Gerald Schrager.

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Sam Nunberg attended the Ramaz School an independent co-educational Modern Orthodox Jewish prep school in the Upper East Side neighborhood of Manhattan.

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Sam Nunberg graduated with a BA in History, with a senior thesis titled Re-Analyzing the Historiography of the Effects of Dollar Diplomacy, from McGill University in 2004, where he competed globally with the McGill Debating Union.

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Sam Nunberg attended Touro Law Center on Long Island, New York, from 2007 to 2009, graduating in 2009, and was admitted to the New York state bar in 2013.

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Sam Nunberg began working for Trump, as a political and public affairs consultant, in 2011, after Trump decided not to run for president in 2012.

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Sam Nunberg assisted in the writing of Trump's 2011 speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

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Sam Nunberg was rehired for a fourth time by the campaign in April 2015; between then and the beginning of July he was paid $85,139 by the campaign.

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Sam Nunberg left the campaign in August, 2015 after continued tensions with Lewandowski.

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On March 5,2018, Sam Nunberg spoke to multiple cable news outlets and newspaper reporters without the knowledge of his attorney.

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Sam Nunberg said he had been subpoenaed by a grand jury to testify and provide documents relating to Robert Mueller's Russia investigation, including all his email exchanges with Donald Trump, Roger Stone, and eight other people.

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Sam Nunberg later backtracked, saying that he would cooperate fully with the subpoena, while expressing frustration at the large amount of documentation requested.

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