33 Facts About Samuel Alito

1. Samuel Alito said that "sufficient tailoring" was used as the standard for invalidating the ordinance that applied only to the Pitt News and not to other papers.

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2. Samuel Alito said that the sample was skewed because most of the cases were from District Court where the plaintiff lost.

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3. Samuel Alito agreed with Senator Graham that the military has expertise on who is and who is not a prisoner of war.

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4. Samuel Alito said that we need to take note of Ex Parte Milligan from the Civil War.

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5. Samuel Alito said "I don't think that foreign law is helpful in interpreting the Constitution.

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6. Samuel Alito explained that in his experience as United States Attorney, federal gun crime statutes can satisfy the required jurisdictional element by saying that the gun must have been transported in interstate commerce.

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7. Samuel Alito has served as Supreme Court Justice for 11 years and continues to occupy a seat.

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8. In 1985 Samuel Alito married Martha-Ann Bomgardner, with whom he has two children.

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9. Samuel Alito was a law librarian, and Samuel Alito had met her on his trips to the library when he was a law clerk.

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10. In 1987, Samuel Alito became the US Attorney for the District of New Jersey, a position he held until 1990.

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11. Samuel Alito was in the role until 1985, and during that time he argued 12 cases on behalf of the federal government before the Supreme Court.

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12. Samuel Alito wrote majority opinions in some prominent cases that split the Supreme Court along ideological lines.

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13. Samuel Alito was the third nominee for the post, after John Roberts and Harriet Miers (whose nomination was opposed by conservative members of Bush's own Republican Party).

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14. In 1990 Samuel Alito was nominated to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals by Pres.

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15. Samuel Alito attended Yale Law School, where he edited the Yale Law Journal before graduating with a JD degree in 1975.

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16. At the time, Samuel Alito was not the only one to wrongly call Obama wrong.

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17. Samuel Alito said that forcing agency fee payments violates the First Amendment.

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18. Samuel Alito delivered the Supreme Court Historical Society's 2008 Annual Lecture "The Origin of the Baseball Antitrust Exemption", which was published in two journals.

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19. Samuel Alito is an avid baseball fan and a longtime fan of the Philadelphia Phillies.

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20. Samuel Alito resided with his family in West Caldwell, New Jersey before his Supreme Court nomination.

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21. Samuel Alito wrote for a unanimous court in ordering a new trial for Bobby Lee Holmes due to South Carolina's rule that barred such evidence based on the strength of the prosecution's case, rather than on the relevance and strength of the defense evidence itself.

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22. Samuel Alito said he would look at abortion with an open mind but would not state how he would rule on Roe v Wade if that decision were to be challenged.

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23. Samuel Alito rejected the use of foreign legal materials in the Constitution, did not state a position on cameras in courtrooms, said Congress could choose to outlaw LGBT employment discrimination in the United States if it wished, and told Senator Joe Biden (D-DE) that he endorsed a weak version of the unitary executive theory.

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24. Samuel Alito responded to some 700 questions over 18 hours of testimony.

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25. Samuel Alito was unanimously rated "well qualified" to fill the Associate Justice post by the American Bar Association's Standing Committee on Federal Judiciary, which measures the professional qualifications of a nominee.

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26. Samuel Alito lost only two of the cases he argued before the Supreme Court.

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27. Samuel Alito interviewed with Supreme Court Justice Byron White for a clerkship but was not hired.

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28. Samuel Alito was a captain when he received an honorable discharge in 1980.

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29. Samuel Alito has cited the banning and subsequent treatment of ROTC by the university as his reason for belonging to CAP.

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30. Samuel Alito was a member of the Concerned Alumni of Princeton, which was formed in October 1972 at least in part to oppose Princeton's decisions regarding admitting women.

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31. Samuel Alito avoided Princeton's eating clubs, joining Stevenson Hall instead.

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32. Samuel Alito is the 110th Justice, the second Italian American, and the eleventh Roman Catholic to serve on the court.

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33. Samuel Alito was nominated by President George W Bush and has served on the court since January 31, 2006.

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