10 Facts About SCCA


The SCCA began sanctioning road racing in 1948 with the inaugural Watkins Glen Grand Prix.

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SCCA dropped its amateur policy in 1962 and began sanctioning professional racing.

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Current SCCA-sanctioned series include Trans Am, the GT World Challenge America for GT and touring cars, the Global MX-5 Cup, F2000 Championship Series, F1600 Championship Series and the Atlantic Championship Series.

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SCCA Pro Racing has sanctioned professional series for some amateur classes such as Spec Racer Ford Pro and Formula Enterprises Pro.

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SCCA Pro Racing sanctioned the Volkswagen Jetta TDI Cup during its time.

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On 25 May 2019, the weekend of the 2019 Indianapolis 500, SCCA announced they will be returning to Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 2021.

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The SCCA holds national-level events in an alternate format called "ProSolo".

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SCCA ProRally was a national performance rally series similar to the World Rally Championship.

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In recent years, the SCCA has expanded and re-organized some of the higher-speed events under the Time Trials banner.

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SCCA is organized into six conferences, nine divisions and 115 regions, each organizing events in that area to make the events more accessible to people throughout the country.

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