14 Facts About Sergey Brin


Sergey Mikhailovich Brin is an American business magnate who co-founded Google with Larry Page.


Sergey Brin emigrated to the United States from the Soviet Union at the age of six.


Sergey Brin earned his bachelor's degree at the University of Maryland, College Park, following in his father's and grandfather's footsteps by studying mathematics as well as computer science.


Sergey Brin was born on August 21,1973, in Moscow in the Soviet Union, to Russian Jewish parents, Mikhail and Eugenia Sergey Brin, both graduates of Moscow State University.


Sergey Brin's father is a retired mathematics professor at the University of Maryland, and his mother a researcher at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center.


The Brin family lived in a three-room apartment in central Moscow, which they shared with Sergey's paternal grandmother.


In 1977, after his father returned from a mathematics conference in Warsaw, Poland, Mikhail Sergey Brin announced that it was time for the family to emigrate.


The Sergey Brin family lived in Vienna and Paris while Mikhail Sergey Brin secured a teaching position at the University of Maryland with help from Anatole Katok.


Sergey Brin attended elementary school at Paint Branch Montessori School in Adelphi, Maryland, but he received further education at home; his father, a professor in the department of mathematics at the University of Maryland, encouraged him to learn mathematics and his family helped him retain his Russian-language skills.


In September 1990, Sergey Brin enrolled in the University of Maryland, where he received his Bachelor of Science from the Department of Computer Science in 1993 with honors in computer science and mathematics at the age of 19.


Page and Sergey Brin used the former's basic HTML programming skills to set up a simple search page for users, as they did not have a web page developer to create anything visually elaborate.


In May 2007, Sergey Brin married biotech analyst and entrepreneur Anne Wojcicki in the Bahamas.


Sergey Brin is a donor to Democratic Party candidates and organizations, having donated $5,000 to Barack Obama's reelection campaign and $30,800 to the DNC.


Sergey Brin was a featured speaker at the World Economic Forum and the Technology, Entertainment and Design Conference.