16 Facts About Serpent Crown


Serpent Crown is a fictional mystical power object appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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Serpent Crown, as its name implies, is a crown that resembles a coiled, seven-headed serpent and is made of an unknown material.

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Serpent Crown Men are depicted as a race that devoutly worships Set and are in constant conflict with the human race.

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However, just as the alchemists and Serpent Men were about to exploit the power of the Crown, the Great Cataclysm occurred.

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The Serpent Crown apparently remained buried underneath the Antarctic ice until the twentieth century.

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Serpent Crown appears in its original form, worn by Lilia Calderu, queen of the Gypsies, during the time period when Destine is in suspended animation.

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Serpent Crown next appears in disguised form as the "Helmet of Power".

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The power of the Serpent Crown manages to overcome the Ancient's protective casing, revealing its true form and allowing Set to convey its influence through it.

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Serpent Crown initially takes over the mind of Namor's consort, Lady Dorma, and through her the entire population of Atlantis fell under its control.

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Serpent Crown is stolen and returned by Lemurian agents to the possession of Naga, who it is revealed has remained immortal despite his loss of the Serpent Crown centuries earlier.

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Serpent Crown returns, having been recovered by the rebel Atlantean Warlord Krang, who delivered it to the superhuman criminal Viper.

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The Serpent Crown is brought to the US government energy-research facility, Project: PEGASUS, for safe-keeping.

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Serpent Crown began to exert Set's influence again at Project: PEGASUS, mind controlling the staff at the complex and eventually overpowering the wills of everyone who works there.

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The superheroes use the Cosmic Cube to destroy the massive Serpent Crown and reduce it to metallic dust, and Strange casts a spell exorcising Set from the Earth dimension forever.

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Serpent Crown is briefly successful in bringing Set back to the Earth dimension, as the spirit of the exiled god animates the Crown for a short while, before he was defeated by Thor, Quasar, Thing and Doctor Strange.

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Serpent Crown is eventually defeated by the combined forces of Earth's first heroes and the crown is later confiscated by Namor after all the fighting had been dealt with.

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