6 Facts About Sir Michael

1. Sir Michael agrees to allow Basia to accompany Eva to Rashkoff under the protection of Azya and his Lithuanian Tartars.

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2. Sir Michael is commanded forward to build a stanitsa at Hreptyoff and Basia arrives with Zagloba to a rousing welcome from the troops.

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3. Sir Michael says farewell to Krysia and an unspoken pact is made between them.

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4. Sir Michael meets with Sobieski and is sent with letters to Rushchyts in Russia and the Wilderness beyond.

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5. Sir Michael is immediately attracted by Krysia but Zagloba intends that Basia, who delights him, should be the little knight's.

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6. Sir Michael is known as Brother Yerzy and is persuaded to leave for the nation's sake and stays at Ketling's house.

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