10 Facts About Snoopy Coaster


Snoopy Coaster is a mobile endless runner game developed by CGMatic and published by Chillingo for iOS and Android devices in March 2013.

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Snoopy Coaster received mixed reception from critics, who criticized how the game was "almost a re-release" of CGMatic's 2012 title Madcoaster, which some felt had "simple" gameplay.

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Snoopy Coaster is an endless runner game and sees the player controlling Snoopy, who drives a roller coaster train through different locations, such as a theme park and haunted house.

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Snoopy Coaster was developed by CGMatic, who had previously developed Madcoaster, which had similar gameplay to Snoopy Coaster.

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Snoopy Coaster was first announced in early March 2013 and was set to release later the same month.

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Snoopy Coaster received mixed reviews from critics, who criticized the game for being almost identical to Madcoaster.

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Critics felt that Snoopy Coaster would be especially enjoyed by Peanuts fans, with David Flodline of AppSpy writing that all of his enjoyment from the game came from his love for the Peanuts intellectual property.

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AOL felt that players didn't need to be Peanuts fans to enjoy the game due to Snoopy Coaster being a "slower [and] easier game that's perfect for those that are unfamiliar with the [endless running] genre's previously released games".

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Snoopy Coaster has been frequently compared to Madcoaster due to the two game's similar gameplay.

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Pocket Gamer wrote that Snoopy Coaster is "little more than Peanuts-themed remake" of Madcoaster, citing identical design, interface, and objectives.

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