12 Facts About South Beach


South Beach, nicknamed colloquially as SoBe, is a neighborhood in Miami Beach, Florida.

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South Beach used the land for farming purposes, discovering fresh water and extending his parcel from 14th Street to 67th in 1907.

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South Beach's vision was to establish South Beach as a successful city independent of Miami.

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Until the mid-1920s, antisemitic covenants were used in South Beach to exclude Jews from living or staying in neighborhoods north of Fifth Street.

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In 1964, South Beach became even more famous when Jackie Gleason brought his weekly variety series, The Jackie Gleason Show to the area for taping, a rarity in the industry.

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In both daytime and at nightfall, the South Beach section of Miami Beach is a major entertainment destination with hundreds of nightclubs, restaurants, boutiques and hotels.

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South Beach has been visited by many American and foreign tourists, evidenced by the fact that the practice of topless sunbathing by women on the beach and in a few hotel pools on Miami Beach has been considered by the local citizens as being more permissive than on most beaches of the United States, and despite the fact that the practice has not been officially legalized by the local government, it continues to be adopted in large scale.

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South Beach is the location of the Pride Parade and Pride Festival events during Pride Week of the annual Miami Beach Pride celebration.

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South Beach is traversed by numerical streets which run east–west, starting with Biscayne Street, now popularly known as South Pointe Drive, one block south of First Street and the largely pedestrianized Lincoln Road.

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Many South Beach residents get around by foot, bicycle, motorcycle, trolley, bus, or taxi as the neighborhood is very urban and pedestrian-friendly.

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Recently, Miami South Beach has begun bicycle initiatives promoting citywide bike parking and bike lanes that have made bicycling much more popular for residents and tourists.

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Public transportation in South Beach, along with Downtown Miami and Brickell, is heavily used, and is a vital part of South Beach life.

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