21 Facts About Steve Kornacki

1. Steve Kornacki graduated from "Boston University" with a degree in Political Science.

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2. In 2011, Steve Kornacki penned an article for Salon where he came out as gay.

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3. Steve Kornacki spent three years in New Jersey, chronicling the state's political world for a website and co-hosting a weekly show on News 12 New Jersey, a 24-hour cable news channel.

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4. Steve Kornacki earns the handsome quantity of cash from his journalism career.

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5. Steve Kornacki pursued his degree in political science from Boston University.

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6. Steve Kornacki is a multi-talented guy who is has established his career as Political Journalist, Writer and TV host.

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7. Steve Kornacki has earned an impressive fortune from his career as a TV host, writer, and Journalist.

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8. Steve Kornacki is a famous American political writer and television host who works as the national political correspondent for NBC News.

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9. Steve Kornacki graduated from "Boston University" with a degree in Political Science.

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10. Steve Kornacki was born on 22 August 1979 in Groton, Massachusetts.

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11. Steve Kornacki was the anchor of much of MSNBC's The Place for Politics campaign coverage which aired throughout daytime throughout 2016.

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12. Steve Kornacki is an American political writer and television host.

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13. Steve Kornacki has managed to keep his personal life as private as possible.

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14. Steve Kornacki started his journalism career as a reporter for PoliticsNJ.

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15. Steve Kornacki is of Lithuanian and Polish descent, and has an older sister, Kathryn Kornacki, who is currently a professor at Caldwell University.

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16. Steve Kornacki looks at the issue of ballot layout in Broward County.

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17. Steve Kornacki is openly gay, and publicly came out in 2011 through a column in Salon.

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18. Steve Kornacki was the multimedia anchor and data analyst for much of MSNBC's The Place for Politics campaign coverage, airing throughout 2016.

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19. Steve Kornacki reacts to being called out on this week's episode of 'Murphy Brown,' and he breaks down the latest polling ahead of the midterms.

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20. Steve Kornacki looks at Democrats' chances of a Senate takeover.

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21. Steve Kornacki explores whether a suburban rebellion is coming at the midterm polls.

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