26 Facts About Stevenage


Stevenage is a large town and borough in Hertfordshire, England, about 27 miles north of London.

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Stevenage is east of junctions 7 and 8 of the A1, between Letchworth Garden City to the north and Welwyn Garden City to the south.

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In 1946, Stevenage was designated the United Kingdom's first New Town under the New Towns Act.

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Oldest surviving house in Stevenage is Tudor House in Letchmore Street, built before 1500.

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In 1558 Thomas Alleyne, then the Rector of Stevenage, founded a free grammar school for boys, Alleyne's Grammar School, which, despite becoming a boys' comprehensive school in 1967, had an unbroken existence until 1989, when it was merged with Stevenage Girls' School to become the Thomas Alleyne School.

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Stevenage's prosperity came in part from the Great North Road, which was turnpiked in the early 18th century on the site of the Marquess of Granby pub.

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On 10 July 1807, the Great Fire of Stevenage destroyed 42 properties in Middle Row, including Hellard's almshouse of 1501.

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Stevenage grew only slowly throughout the 19th century and a second church was constructed at the south end of the High Street.

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Stevenage produced the legendary motorcycles, including the Black Shadow and Black Lightning, in the town until 1955.

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Slow growth in Stevenage continued until just after the Second World War, when the Abercrombie Plan called for the establishment of a ring of new towns around London.

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On 1 August 1946, Stevenage was designated the first New Town under the New Towns Act.

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Stevenage was succeeded by Evelyn Denington, Baroness Denington, who joined the Board in 1950.

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Stevenage holds a number of annual events, including Stevenage Day and Rock in the Park.

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In past years Stevenage Carnival has been held, with a number of attempts to revive it.

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In June 2022, Stevenage Day returned to the King George Playing Fields to celebrate the platinum jubilee of Elizabeth II.

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In 2016, Stevenage "celebrated" its seventieth anniversary as a New Town.

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Stevenage was an ancient parish in the hundred of Broadwater.

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Stevenage Museum is located under the St Andrew and St George's church on St George's Way.

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Claxton was of the view that Stevenage should contain as few traffic lights as possible, hence his preference for roundabouts to regulate traffic flow.

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Stevenage was so adamant about roundabouts that he had a house built for himself on the gyratory system in the Old Town.

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Stevenage has a number of secondary schools and the central campus for North Hertfordshire College.

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Stevenage has an active network of Christian churches of many denominations.

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Alongside "Churches Together in Stevenage", Stevenage has an "Interfaith Forum" dedicated to dialogue between different religious presences in the town.

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Stevenage was the setting for two feature films, Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush and Boston Kickout .

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Stevenage was the filming location, though not the on-screen setting, for two other films, Serious Charge and Spy Game, standing in as the Washington, D C area for the latter film.

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In one episode of UK quiz show Only Connect, one of the contestants made a frivolous mention of Stevenage, playfully suggesting that that could be where the literary character Mrs Malaprop comes from.

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