23 Facts About Stockport County


Stockport County then played in the Football League continuously for 106 years until 2011, mostly in the lower divisions.

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Stockport County made four appearances at Wembley Stadium during this period, two in the Football League Trophy and two in the Football League play-offs, but lost on each occasion.

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Stockport County was formed in 1883 as Heaton Norris Rovers at McLaughlin's Cafe in Heaton Norris, by a group of pupils from Stockport Sunday School.

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Stockport County left Green Lane in 1902 and moved to Edgeley Park, which was home to rugby league club Stockport County RFC.

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Stockport County gained 22 votes and retained their Football League status.

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Stockport County remained in the Third Division North during the 1920s, with two consecutive second-place finishes but failed to gain promotion.

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In March 1946, Stockport County hosted Doncaster Rovers in a League Three North Cup match which lasted 203 minutes, and is considered the longest professional football game.

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Stockport County were founder member of the new Third Division, but were relegated after one season.

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However, Colin Murphy was brought in for his second spell as manager, and Stockport County gained 45 points from their final 31 games to remain in the division, although Murphy left shortly after the season.

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Stockport County led Stockport to Wembley on three further occasions, once more in the 1993 Football League Trophy Final and twice in the play-offs, but lost all.

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Stockport County finished eighth in the First Division in his first season, only two places off the play-offs—the club's best ever league placing.

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Stockport County came from behind to win the game and earn promotion to League One.

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Stockport County was sacked after only six months in charge, and Ray Mathias was brought in as interim manager.

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Stockport County was reinstated, steered Stockport away from the relegation zone and finished 16th.

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Stockport County was Umbro's flagship partner for their relaunch in the UK.

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Heaton Norris Rovers originally played home matches at the Heaton Norris Recreation Ground, then at various locations in Stockport County until settling at a park on Green Lane, Heaton Norris, in 1889.

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In May 2012, Stockport County renamed the Main Stand "The Danny Bergara Stand" in honour of the club's former manager.

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Stockport County were watched by 22,000 in Yingkou against their then sister side Stockport County Tiger Star.

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Stockport County had an average away attendance of over 900, the highest in the division.

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Support from Stockport County fans has often been cited by managers and players, with the fans influence likened to having a twelfth player on the field.

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Some famous Stockport County fans have included darts player Tony O'Shea and singer-songwriter Daz Sampson.

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Stockport County FC is keen to maintain good relations with all clubs – including those which its supporters don't like very much.

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Stockport County won nine league matches in succession without conceding a goal from January to March 2007 under manager Jim Gannon, a Football League record.

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