11 Facts About STS-134


STS-134 was the penultimate mission of NASA's Space Shuttle program and the 25th and last spaceflight of Endeavour.

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STS-134 was expected to be the final Space Shuttle mission if STS-135 did not receive funding from Congress.

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STS-134 was planned to be the final regularly scheduled mission of the NASA Space Shuttle Program, but with the passing in 2011 of an appropriations bill authorizing the conversion of STS-335 to STS-135, this was no longer the case.

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STS-134 mission delivered the Materials on International Space Station Experiment 8 experiments, and returned the completed MISSE 7 experiments to Earth.

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STS-134 carried a new Glacier module to the ISS and returned two old ones to Earth.

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STS-134 left its Orbiter Boom Sensor System permanently on the ISS for use in reaching places that the Canadarm2 cannot get to on its own.

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Later in the crew day, the STS-134 crew assembled with the Expedition 27 crew in the Kibo module.

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Second EVA of STS-134 was conducted on flight day 7 by Drew Feustel and Mike Fincke.

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STS-134 surpassed the time in space of astronaut Peggy Whitson.

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The rest of the STS-134 crew completed more transfers between Space Shuttle Endeavour and the International Space Station .

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On flight day 16, the members of Space Shuttle Endeavours STS-134 crew continued preparations for the shuttle's landing on flight day 17.

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