14 Facts About Sucre


Sucre is the constitutional capital of Bolivia, the capital of the Chuquisaca Department and the 6th most populated city in Bolivia.

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Today Sucre remains a city of major national importance and is an educational and government center, being the location of the Bolivian Supreme Court.

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Notably, Sucre contains one of the best preserved Hispanic colonial and republican historic city centres in the Western Hemisphere - similar to cities such as Cuzco and Quito.

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Sucre has held an important place in Bolivian history from its place as an important center in the Real Audencia de Charcas, and later as the first capital of Bolivia before the fall of silver's importance as a global mineral commodity.

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Today Sucre is well known for its role in national judicial functions, its local culture and history, renowned architectural urban fabric, and local industries such as chocolate, textiles, and concreteAnex.

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Sucre remains the seat of the Roman Catholic Church in Bolivia, and a common sight is members of religious orders dressed in traditional habit.

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Sucre's University is one of the oldest universities in the new world.

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Many argue Sucre was the location of the beginning of the Latin American independence movement against Spain.

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Together with La Paz, Sucre is one of two governmental centers of Bolivia: It is the seat of the judiciary, where the Supreme Court of Justice is located.

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Sucre is the capital city of the department of Chuquisaca.

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Government of the City of Sucre is divided into executive and legislative branches.

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Sucre has a subtropical highland climate, with mild temperatures year round.

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Sucre has the most important sport facilities in Bolivia, and the most practiced sport in the city is football.

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Sucre has the second-biggest football and Olympic stadium in the country, the Estadio Patria.

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