11 Facts About Sweet Charity


Sweet Charity is a musical with music by Cy Coleman, lyrics by Dorothy Fields and book by Neil Simon.

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Young woman Sweet Charity Hope Valentine is a taxi dancer at a dance hall called the Fandango Ballroom in New York City.

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Sweet Charity tries to steer him away from the subject of Ursula.

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Sweet Charity admits she is a dance hall hostess, putting it down to "the fickle finger of fate".

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Starstruck, Sweet Charity asks for a signed photograph to prove to the girls she was really in his apartment.

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Ursula arrives to apologize for her jealousy; Sweet Charity is swiftly bundled into a closet before Vittorio opens the door to Ursula.

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Sweet Charity decides to seek some cultural enlightenment at the 92nd Street Y, where she gets stuck in a broken elevator with shy tax accountant Oscar Lindquist.

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Oscar invites Sweet Charity to go to church with him, to which she hesitantly agrees.

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Sweet Charity lies, saying she works for First National City, Williamsburg Branch.

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Once again, Sweet Charity loses her nerve about telling him what her real job is.

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Sweet Charity admits that she is a dance hall hostess; he admits he already knows, having followed her one night and watched her dancing.

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