10 Facts About Tassilo III


Around 760, Tassilo III married Liutperga, daughter of the Lombard king, Desiderius, continuing a tradition of Lombardo-Bavarian connections.

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Tassilo III made several journeys to Italy to visit his father in law and to establish political relations with the pope.

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Tassilo III was not able to protect the pope against Lombard expansions, which has been seen as a reason for Rome's lack of support for him during his later conflict with Charlemagne.

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Still, there is a consensus among historians that Tassilo III, despite acting as a kingly sovereign, did not intend to become king himself.

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Tassilo III nevertheless undertook such kingly duties as founding Kremsmunster Abbey.

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In 773, Tassilo III sent an embassy to the pope, but it was blocked by Charles, who was suspicious of the duke's alliances with Saxons, Wends and Avars.

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In 788 Tassilo III was accused by the Franks of defaulting on his military obligations to Pepin, leaving the Frankish campaign in Aquitaine on grounds of ill health way back in 763.

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Incident was the linchpin in Charlemagne and Pope Adrian's argument that Tassilo III was not an independent prince but a rebellious vassal, deserving punishment.

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In 794, Tassilo III was again compelled, at the Synod of Frankfurt, to renounce his and his family's claims to Bavaria.

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Tassilo III formally handed over to the king all of the rights that he had held.

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