15 Facts About Test cricket


Test cricket is a form of first-class cricket played at international level between teams representing full member countries of the International Cricket Council.

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Test cricket did not become an officially recognised format until the 1890s, but many international matches since 1877 have been retrospectively awarded Test status.

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Early international Test cricket was disrupted by the French Revolution and the American Civil War.

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The earliest international Test cricket match was between the United States and Canada, on 24 and 26 September 1844.

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Test cricket status is conferred upon a country or group of countries by the ICC.

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Nine of these teams represent independent sovereign nations: the England Test cricket team represents the constituent countries of England and Wales, the West Indies is a combined team from fifteen Caribbean nations and territories, and Ireland represents both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

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Zimbabwe's Test cricket status was voluntarily suspended in 2006 because of very poor performances, but its Test cricket status was reinstated in August 2011.

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Performances in first-class matches count towards only the first-class statistical record, but performances in Test cricket matches count towards both the Test cricket statistics and the first-class statistics.

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Today, Test cricket matches are scheduled to be played across five consecutive days.

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Four-day Test cricket matches were last played in 1973, between New Zealand and Pakistan.

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The first day-night Test cricket took place during New Zealand's tour to Australia in November 2015.

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In Test cricket it has only happened three times, although over 285 follow-ons have been enforced: Australia was the losing team on each occasion, twice to England, in 1894 and in 1981, and once to India in 2001.

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Test cricket is almost always played as a series of matches between two countries, with all matches in the series taking place in the same country.

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Several pairs of Test cricket teams have established perpetual trophies which are competed for whenever teams play each other in Test cricket series.

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Supporters of Test cricket, including Adam Gilchrist, argue that it is "the ultimate test of a player's and team's ability".

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