10 Facts About TF1


TF1 is a French television network owned by TF1 Group, controlled by the Bouygues conglomerate.

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TF1 is part of the TF1 Group of mass media companies, which includes the news channel LCI.

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TF1 informed him of his ongoing work on a 180-line camera.

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TF1 recommends putting the Eiffel Tower transmitter back into service to broadcast a television channel intended to entertain the German soldiers hospitalized in the Kriegslazaretts in Paris.

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Some commentators accuse TF1 of being an excessively populist, commercialised channel.

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The management of TF1 was notified about the e-mail by the Ministry for Culture and Communication, whom Ministry Christine Albanel is one of the authors of the HADOPI law.

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In 2004, Patrick Le Lay, CEO of TF1 made the following statement about the channel's aims:.

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Critics of TF1 contend that its news coverage is slanted towards supporting right-wing politicians – they were in particular accused of supporting Edouard Balladur in the 1995 presidential elections, and of overstating crime during the 2002 electoral campaign to tilt the balance in favour of former French president Jacques Chirac, who campaigned on a law and order platform.

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Key figures within TF1 are close friends to some of the most powerful politicians in France, and the relationship between Bouygues and the public-sector contracting system often raises suspicions.

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However, TF1 now competes in this category with M6, which was initially a generalist channel focusing on musical programmes, but now has programming more resembling TF1 .

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