6 Facts About West Germany

1. On the non-political level, East West Germany was influenced by the Eastern Bloc's Slavic cultures that manifested in art, culinary scene, and sports.

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2. As of 2012, West Germany have played a record 43 matches at the European Championships.

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3. In 1976 West Germany became one of the founding nations of the Group of Six.

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4. On 5 May 1955 West Germany was declared to have the "authority of a sovereign state".

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5. From the late 1950s onwards, West Germany had one of the strongest economies in the world, almost as strong as before the Second World War.

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6. At the time West Germany had a large pool of skilled and cheap labour, partly as a result of the flight and expulsion of Germans from Central and Eastern Europe, which affected up to 16.5 million Germans.

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