10 Facts About Thanomsak Toba


Thanomsak Toba is a Japanese professional wrestler, currently working for the Japanese professional wrestling promotion Dramatic Dream Team.


Thanomsak Toba's ring name is an hommage to Thai professional boxer Thanomsak Sithbaobay.


At K-DOJO Valentine's Day Kiss, an event produced by Kaientai Dojo on February 14,2016, Thanomsak Toba teamed up with his long time tag team partner Mikami to defeat Kaji Tomato and Bambi.


Thanomsak Toba made his professional wrestling debut in his long-tenuring promotion Dramatic Dream Team at a house show hosted by them on January 31,1998, where he fell short to Hidetomo Egawa.


Thanomsak Toba participated in one of the longest matches in professional wrestling history, a 108-man battle royal at Tenka Sanbun no Kei: New Year's Eve Special, a cross-over event held between Big Japan Pro Wrestling, DDT and Kaientai Dojo from December 31,2009, competing against other infamous wrestlers such as Great Kojika, Taka Michinoku, Kenny Omega, Abdullah Kobayashi, and the winner of the match, Jun Kasai.


At Ryogoku Peter Pan 2018 from October 21, Thanomsak Toba teamed up with Keisuke Okuda and participated in a Gauntlet tag team match which involved Shuten-doji, Mike Bailey and Antonio Honda, Renegades, Kazusada Higuchi and Kota Umeda, and Tomomitsu Matsunaga and Michael Nakazawa.


At Judgement 2008, Thanomsak Toba teamed up with Mikami, Takashi Sasaki and Gentaro, falling short to Sanshiro Takagi, Poison Sawada Julie, Super Uchuu Power and Tomohiko Hashimoto in an Eight-man tag team match.


At Judgement 2011 from March 27, Thanomsak Toba teamed up with Hikaru Sato and Rion Mizuki to defeat Tsunehito Naito, Akito and Kazuki Hirata in a Six-man tag team match.


Thanomsak Toba is known to have competed in various tournaments promoted by DDT.


Thanomsak Toba made his last performance at the 2018 edition of the event where he defeated Yuki Ueno in the first round and falling short to Kazusada Higuchi in the second round.