16 Facts About The Australian


The Australian, with its Saturday edition, The Weekend The Australian, is a broadsheet newspaper published by News Corp Australia since 14 July 1964.

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The Australian is published by News Corp Australia, an asset of News Corp, which owns the sole daily newspapers in Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart, and Darwin, and the most circulated metropolitan daily newspapers in Sydney and Melbourne.

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The Australian was printed in Canberra, then plates flown to other cities for copying.

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Under Deamer's editorship, The Australian encouraged female journalists, and was the first mainstream daily newspaper to hire an Aboriginal reporter, John Newfong.

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In October 2011, The Australian announced that it was planning to become the first general newspaper in Australia to introduce a paywall, with the introduction of a $2.

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The Australian Literary Review was a monthly supplement from September 2006 to October 2011.

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Tone and nature of The Australian's coverage has changed over time, but since the late 20th century under the ownership of Rupert Murdoch and with Chris Mitchell as editor-in-chief, it has taken a markedly conservative direction.

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Former editor Paul Kelly stated in 1991, "The Australian has established itself in the marketplace as a newspaper that supports economic libertarianism".

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In 2007, The Australian announced their support for Kevin Rudd of the Australian Labor Party in the Federal election.

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The Australian has been described by some media commentators and scholars as working to promote a right-wing agenda, and as a result, encouraging political polarisation in Australia.

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Caroline Overington, a senior journalist writing for The Australian, reported in 2005 about the Australian Wheat Board funneling hundreds of millions of dollars to Iraq and the government of Saddam Hussein before the start of the Iraq War.

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In 2009, The Australian ran a large number of articles about the Rudd government's Building the Education Revolution policy, which uncovered purported evidence of overpricing, financial waste, and mismanagement of the building of improvements to schools such as halls, gymnasia, and libraries.

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Gillard contacted the chief executive of The Australian, resulting in the story being removed and an apology and retraction posted in its place.

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In 1971, The Australian instituted its own "Australian of the Year award" separate and often different from the Australian of the Year chosen by the government's National Australia Day Council.

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The Australian had 67, 561 paid digital subscribers in the same period.

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Several journalists writing for The Australian have received Walkley awards for their investigative reporting.

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