36 Facts About Hobart


Hobart is the capital and most populous city of the Australian island state of Tasmania.

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Hobart is located in Tasmania's south-east on the estuary of the River Derwent, making it the most southern of Australia's capital cities.

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The metropolitan area is often referred to as Greater Hobart, to differentiate it from the City of Hobart, one of the five local government areas that cover the city.

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Today, Hobart is the financial and administrative hub of Tasmania, serving as the home port for both Australian and French Antarctic operations and acting as a tourist destination, with over 1.

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Hobart writes of Hobart and the Derwent estuary in The Voyage of the Beagle:.

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Hobart Town became a city on 21 August 1842, and was renamed Hobart from the beginning of 1881.

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Hobart is located on the estuary of the River Derwent in the state's south-east.

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Geologically Hobart is built predominantly on Jurassic dolerite around the foothills interspersed with smaller areas of Triassic siltstone and Permian mudstone.

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Hobart extends along both sides of the River Derwent; on the western shore from the Derwent valley in the north through the flatter areas of Glenorchy which rests on older Triassic sediment and into the hilly areas of New Town, Lenah Valley.

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Hobart has access to a number of beach areas including those in the Derwent estuary itself; Long Beach, Nutgrove Beach, Bellerive Beach, Cornelian Bay, Kingston, and Howrah Beaches as well as many more in Frederick Henry Bay such as; Seven Mile, Roaches, Cremorne, Clifton, and Goats Beaches.

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Hobart has a small community of 456 members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, with meetinghouses in Glenorchy, Rosny, and Glen Huon.

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Hobart has a Baha'i community, with a Baha'i Centre of Learning, located within the city.

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Hobart is the home port for the Antarctic activities of Australia and France.

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Hobart is an Antarctic gateway city, with geographical proximity to East Antarctica and the Southern Ocean.

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Hobart is a logistics point for the French icebreaker L'Astrolabe.

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Hobart is the home port for the Australian and French Antarctic programs, and provides port services for other visiting Antarctic nations and Antarctic cruise ships.

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Hobart is home to the following Antarctic and Southern Ocean scientific institutions:.

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Hobart serves as a focal point and mecca for tourism in the state of Tasmania.

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Hobart has been a significant tourist destination for many years, however tourism has evolved to a core industry in the last decade.

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Hobart is home to a significant number of nationally known restaurants, boutique alcohol producers, including Sullivans Cove Wiskey, which won world's best single malt in 2014, boutique hotels, and art experiences.

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Hobart is known for its well-preserved Georgian and Victorian architecture, giving the city a distinctly "Old World" feel.

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Hobart has very few high rise buildings in comparison to other Australian capital cities.

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Hobart is home to Australia's oldest continuously operating theatre, the Theatre Royal, built in 1837.

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Hobart has a growing street art scene thanks to a program called Hobart Walls, which was launched in association with the Vibrance Festival, an annual mural-painting event.

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Hobart is internationally famous among the yachting community as the finish of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race which starts in Sydney on Boxing Day .

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The Hobart Chargers represent Hobart in the second-tier South East Australian Basketball League.

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Hobart is divided into five local government areas - three of which are designated as cities, City of Hobart, City of Glenorchy and City of Clarence,.

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Hobart is the seat of the Parliament of Tasmania, located at Parliament House, Salamanca Place, and the location of the official residence of the Governor of Tasmania, Government House.

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Hobart was made the seat of government for the southern district of Tasmania, Buckingham County in 1804, with the northern half of the state separately governed from Port Dalrymple, now George Town.

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In 1812, the northern lieutenant governorship ceased and Hobart become de facto seat of government for the entire island.

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Hobart officially became capital of an independent colony of Van Diemen's Land in 1825, and the seat of responsible self government in 1850 with the Australian Constitutions Act 1850.

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Hobart is home to the main campus of the University of Tasmania, located in Sandy Bay.

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Greater Hobart area contains 122 primary, secondary and pretertiary schools distributed throughout Clarence, Glenorchy and Hobart City Councils and Kingborough and Brighton Municipalities.

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Royal Hobart Hospital is a major public hospital in central Hobart with 501 beds, which serves as a teaching hospital for the University of Tasmania.

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Hobart owns another hospital in the city, the St Helen's Private Hospital, which features a mother-baby unit.

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Only public transportation within the city of Hobart is via a network of Metro Tasmania buses funded bythe Tasmanian Government and a small number of private bus services.

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