19 Facts About Buckingham


Buckingham has a variety of restaurants and pubs, typical of a market town.

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Between the 7th century and the 11th century, the town of Buckingham regularly changed hands between the Saxons and the Danes, in particular, in 914 King Edward the Elder and a Saxon army encamped in Buckingham for four weeks forcing local Danish Viking leaders to surrender.

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Buckingham was referred to as Buckingham with Bourton, and the survey makes reference to 26 burgesses, 11 smallholders and 1 mill.

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Buckingham was apparently born at King's Sutton, Northants, where he died just three days later.

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Buckingham is most often referred to as St Rumbold, the latter being the most common, as it can be found being used on a local road name and recent booklets about the subject.

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Suburbs of Buckingham include Mount Pleasant, Page Hill, Bourton, Badgers, Linden Village, Castle Fields and Lace Hill.

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Buckingham was home to the Thomas Rickett steam car, an innovative vehicle from 1860, though considered ahead of its time and only two are thought to have been made.

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Buckingham'storically, Buckingham was an ancient borough, and it became a municipal borough in 1836.

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Buckingham stands at the crossroads of the A413, A421 and A422 roads.

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Buckingham is linked to Milton Keynes, Winslow and Aylesbury by the regular X60 bus.

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Some surrounding villages are connected to Buckingham by a market day bus and there is a community bus scheme called Bart.

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Buckingham was served by the Buckingham Arm of the Grand Junction Canal from 1801 until the end of the 19th century.

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Buckingham had a railway station on the Banbury to Verney Junction Branch Line, which opened in 1850 and closed to passengers in 1964 and freight in 1966.

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The closest stations to Buckingham are now Wolverton and Milton Keynes Central to the east and Bicester North and Bicester Village to the south west.

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Nearby to Buckingham include Stowe School, Stowe Landscape Gardens and Silverstone Circuit.

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Buckingham has a number of hotels including the Villiers Hotel and White Hart in the town centre, and Best Western Buckingham Hotel and Travelodge on the outskirts.

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Buckingham is served by one GP surgery and a community hospital.

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Buckingham has been twinned with Joinville, in France, since 1963.

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In 2020, Buckingham formalised its links with the German town of Neukirchen-Vluyn, Mouvaux's twin town in Germany, and the three towns became officially twinned.

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