16 Facts About Salamanca


Salamanca is a city in western Spain and is the capital of the Province of Salamanca in the autonomous community of Castile and Leon.

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University of Salamanca, founded in 1218, is the oldest university in Spain and the third oldest western university.

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Salamanca's Tormes bridge, built in the 1st century, was a part of this road.

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One of the most important moments in Salamanca's history was the year 1218, when Alfonso IX of Leon granted a royal charter to the University of Salamanca, although formal teaching had existed at least since 1130.

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The juridical doctrine of the School of Salamanca represented the end of medieval concepts of law, and founded the fundamental body of the ulterior European law and morality concepts, including rights as a corporeal being, economic rights (right to own property) and spiritual rights (rights to freedom of thought and rights related to intrinsic human dignity).

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Salamanca suffered the general downturns of the Kingdom of Castile during the 17th century, but in the 18th century it experienced a rebirth.

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Since 1996, Salamanca has been the designated site of the archives of the Spanish Civil War.

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The city averages around 7 days of snowy days per year, morning frost during winters is very common, as on a normal year, Salamanca has on average 76 days with low temperatures below freezing.

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University of Salamanca was founded in 1134 and in 1218 it was given the royal charter of foundation by Alfonso IX of Leon.

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About the time Christopher Columbus was lecturing there on his discoveries, Hernan Cortes took classes at Salamanca, but returned home in 1501 at age 17, without completing his course of study.

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In 2002, Salamanca shared the title of European Capital of Culture with Bruges.

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In 2005, Salamanca celebrated the 250th anniversary of the construction of the Plaza Mayor with a number of European events.

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Salamanca is renowned for the solemn and sober processions celebrated during Holy Week.

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In 2003 the Semana Santa of Salamanca obtained the official declaration of International Touristic Interest.

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Salamanca is famous throughout Spain and the rest of Europe for its celebrations of "Nochevieja Universitaria", loosely translated as "University New Year".

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Salamanca was the setting for the 2008 political thriller Vantage Point, although the movie was almost exclusively filmed in Mexico.

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