10 Facts About The Big Lebowski

1. In 2006, The Big Lebowski proved its "achievers" reside in all corners of the world, as two species of African spiders, "Anelosimus biglebowski" and "Anelosimus dude" were both given official classifications, alongside an extinct conifer genus based on 270-million-year-old plant fossils called "Lebowskia grandifolia.

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2. Since its original release, The Big Lebowski has become a cult classic.

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3. The Big Lebowski's worked only two weeks on the film, early and late during the production that went from January to April 1997 while Sam Elliott was only on set for two days and did many takes of his final speech.

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4. The Big Lebowski wore his character's clothes home because most of them were his own.

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5. The Big Lebowski's explains that her father has no money of his own, his wife having left everything to the family charity.

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6. The Big Lebowski is greeted by Maude, who seduces him, specifically to conceive a child, the Dude objects until Maude states he will have no involvement in the child's upbringing.

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7. The Big Lebowski's thinks Bunny staged her own abduction and asks the Dude to recover the ransom which her father withdrew from the family's personal foundation.

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8. The Big Lebowski's plays a video showing Bunny is one of Treehorn's porn actresses.

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9. In 1991, Jeffrey "the Dude" The Big Lebowski is a middle-aged slacker who gets assaulted in his Los Angeles home by two goons hired by pornographer Jackie Treehorn, demanding money owed him by the wife of another, wealthier Jeffrey Lebowski.

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10. The Big Lebowski is assaulted as a result of mistaken identity, after which The Dude learns that a millionaire named Jeffrey Lebowski was the intended victim.

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