14 Facts About The New England Patriots

1. Since then, The New England Patriots have sold out every home game in both Foxboro Stadium and Gillette Stadium.

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2. In terms of number of games played, The New England Patriots have competed most against teams either currently or formerly from the AFC East division.

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3. In 2016, The New England Patriots took part in the NFL Color Rush program, wearing monochrome navy uniforms on September 22 against the Houston Texans.

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4. The New England Patriots retired their alternate red uniforms in 2013, thanks to a new NFL rule outlawing throwback alternate helmets.

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5. In 2003, The New England Patriots changed their alternate to a silver jersey with blue pants.

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6. The New England Patriots reintroduced a red jersey as their alternate, complimented with the old-style "Pat Patriot" helmet.

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7. In 1994, The New England Patriots wore the "Pat Patriot" helmets and plain white striped pants from two seasons prior as alternates as part of the NFL's 75th anniversary celebration.

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8. In 1995, The New England Patriots switched the block numbers to a more modern rounded number font with a dropshadow.

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9. The New England Patriots originally wore red jerseys with white block numbering at home, and white jerseys with red block numbering on the road.

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10. In 1979, The New England Patriots worked with NFL Properties to design a new, streamlined logo, to replace the complex Pat Patriot logo.

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11. The New England Patriots struggled for most of their years in the AFL, and they never had a regular home stadium.

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12. The New England Patriots have since become one of the most successful teams in NFL history, winning 15 AFC East titles in 17 seasons since 2001, without a losing season in that period.

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13. The New England Patriots have appeared in the Super Bowl ten times in franchise history, the most of any team, eight of them since the arrival of head coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady in 2000.

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14. The New England Patriots played their home games at Foxboro Stadium from 1971 to 2001, then moved to Gillette Stadium at the start of the 2002 season.

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