18 Facts About The Phantom


The Phantom is an American adventure comic strip, first published by Lee Falk in February 1936.

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Unlike many other superheroes, the Phantom has no superpowers; he totally relies on his strength, intelligence and the myth of his immortality to take action against the forces of evil.

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The 21st The Phantom is married to Diana Palmer; they met while he studied in the United States and they have two children, Kit and Heloise.

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The Phantom was the first fictional hero to wear the skintight costume which has become a hallmark of comic-book superheroes, and was the first shown in a mask with no visible pupils .

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The Phantom began as a daily strip on February 17,1936 with "The Singh Brotherhood", written by Falk and drawn by him for two weeks and then by Ray Moore .

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The Phantom has been published by a number of publishers in the United States.

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In 1943, Columbia Pictures released the 15-episode serial The Phantom starring Tom Tyler as "The Phantom" and Jeanne Bates as "Diana Palmer".

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In 2013 the Phantom appeared in Dynamite's five-issue miniseries, Kings Watch.

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The Phantom has been noticeable part of culture in Sweden especially.

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Frew's The Phantom is the longest-running comic-book series with the character in the world, and Australia's bestselling comic book.

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Frew The Phantom comics appear in a number of Sydney Royal Easter Show, Royal Adelaide Show, Melbourne Show and Perth Royal Show showbags.

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The Phantom appeared in a successful comic from the Wellington-based Feature Publications during the 1950s.

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In India, The Phantom first appeared in The Illustrated Weekly of India in the 1950s.

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The Phantom is published in Bengali and Hindi language in local newspapers.

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In 1939, the Phantom appeared in the second story of the Yugoslav comic Zigomar, "Zigomar versus the Phantom", as an opponent and then an ally of the title character.

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Also in 1939, the Phantom appeared in Turkey as "Kizilmaske", which translates to "Red Mask" in Turkish, by publishers Tay Yayinlari.

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Under the name "Kizilmaske" and with color covers drawn by Turkish artists, older Lee Falk stories of the Phantom has since appeared in Turkish comic books primarily in black and white.

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Live action mini-series, The Phantom, was released on Syfy in 2009 starring Ryan Carnes as the 22nd phantom.

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