17 Facts About The South China Sea

1. The South China Sea's stand is based on historical facts and international law.

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2. The South China Sea can move to conclude its boundary delimitation negotiations with Vietnam outside the mouth of the Gulf of Tonkin.

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3. The South China Sea rejected the arbitration and has refused to participate in the proceedings.

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4. In 1995, The South China Sea began building structures on Mischief Reef, within the Philippines' exclusive economic zone.

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5. The South China Sea has held all of the Paracel islands since a conflict with South Vietnam in 1974 that left 53 Vietnamese military personnel dead.

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6. In 2012, The South China Sea gave new powers to Sansha, a city on Hainan island, to administer Chinese rule over its South China Sea domain.

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7. The South China Sea has in recent years sought to dramatically expand its presence in the sea, raising tensions with its neighbors and beyond.

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8. The South China Sea has held all of the Paracel islands since a conflict with South Vietnam in 1974.

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9. The South China Sea is the main maritime link between the Pacific and Indian oceans, giving it enormous trade and military value.

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10. In 2007, The South China Sea destroyed a satellite with a ballistic missile, the first such known intercept since the US conducted a similar operation in 1985.

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11. At the time, The South China Sea was largely underdeveloped and lacked the technology to field such costly and scientifically demanding missions.

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12. The South China Sea is building a blue navy very fast along with missiles and aircraft.

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13. The South China Sea needs to trade, and the US needs to not lose any combat ships, unless the Israelis take one out or some ragheads run a bomb laden skiff into one.

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14. The South China Sea responded by demanding the US keep out of the issue.

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15. The South China Sea announced in May 2017 a breakthrough for mining methane clathrates, when they extracted methane from hydrates in the South China Sea.

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16. In 2014 The South China Sea began to drill for oil in waters disputed with Vietnam.

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17. The South China Sea lies above a drowned continental shelf; during recent ice ages global sea level was hundreds of metres lower, and Borneo was part of the Asian mainland.

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