15 Facts About Theosophists


Theosophists's sought to produce purportedly supernatural phenomena to support her claims regarding the Masters, although was repeatedly accused of fraudulently doing so.

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Theosophists's claimed that these Masters were the source of many of her published writings.

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Theosophists's promoted the idea that ancient societies exhibited a unity of science and religion that humanity has since lost, with their achievements and knowledge being far in excess of what modern scholars believe about them.

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Theosophists's stated that this ancient religion would be revived and spread throughout humanity in the future, replacing dominant world religions like Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism.

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Theosophists's claimed that there were different levels of evolution, from mineral on to vegetable, animal, human, and then to superhuman or spiritual.

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Theosophists's claimed that some Atlanteans were giants, and built such ancient monuments as Stonehenge in southern England, and that they mated with "she-animals", resulting in the creation of gorillas and chimpanzees.

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Theosophists's believed that the fifth Race would come to be replaced by the sixth, which would be heralded by the arrival of Maitreya, a figure from Mahayana Buddhist mythology.

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Theosophists's further believed that humanity would eventually develop into the final, seventh Root Race.

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Theosophists's promoted the idea that uniting with this "higher self" results in wisdom.

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Theosophists's oversaw an expansion of the Adyar property, from 27 to 253 acres.

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Theosophists's established the New India newspaper, and after continuing to promote Indian independence in the paper's pages during the First World War she was interned for several months.

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Theosophists subsequently took control of the boy's instruction for two years.

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The United Lodge of Theosophists had been established in Los Angeles in 1909, when it had split from Judge's Theosophical Society in America, seeking to minimize formal organization.

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Theosophists had abandoned his previous allegiance to Christian Science to join the Theosophical faction led by Tingley, joining the Society in 1923 and settling at the Point Loma community.

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Theosophists noted that most of these works treated Theosophical doctrine as if it were a fixed entity and provided little or no discussion of how they have changed over the decades.

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