10 Facts About Thomas Norton


Thomas Norton was an English lawyer, politician, writer of verse, and playwright.

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Thomas Norton became a secretary to Edward Seymour, 1st Duke of Somerset.

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Thomas Norton married Margery Cranmer, the daughter of Archbishop Thomas Cranmer and his wife Margarete, with whom he had no children.

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In 1568, Thomas married Alice Cranmer, the daughter of Archdeacon Edmund Cranmer, the brother of the Archbishop of Canterbury, with whom he did have issue.

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Thomas Norton was inspired by the religious views of his father-in-law, and was in possession of Cranmer's manuscript code of ecclesiastical law; this he permitted John Foxe to publish in 1571.

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Thomas Norton was the first Remembrancer of the City of London, holding the office from 1570 until his death in 1584.

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Thomas Norton's Calvinism grew, and towards the end of his career he became a fanatic.

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Thomas Norton held several interrogation sessions in the Tower of London using torture instruments such as the rack.

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Thomas Norton's puritanism made him objectionable to the English bishops; he was deprived of his office and thrown into the Tower.

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Thomas Norton translated Calvin's Institutes and Alexander Nowell's Catechism.

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