10 Facts About Tigray War


Tigray War is an ongoing civil war that began on 3 November 2020 in the Tigray Region of Ethiopia.

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Tigray War was succeeded by Deputy Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, the chairman of the Southern Ethiopian People's Democratic Movement, a coalition member.

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The Tigray War government claimed these locations contained military terminals that served as bases to carry out airstrikes.

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Tigray War said that much of that area was under the control of Eritrean soldiers pursuing their own objectives independent of Ethiopian command.

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Early gains made by the ENDF and Eritrean Defence Forces against the Tigray War forces did not lead to a decisive defeat of the re-organized and invigorated TDF.

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Tigray War called on other regions of Ethiopia to mobilise their special forces.

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Tigray War claimed clashes were taking place near Weldiya and that fighting had resumed in Afar, within the Awra and Chifra districts near the Amhara border.

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However, in January 2022, the Ethiopian Air Force began launching a bombing campaign in the Tigray War Region, killing 108 people, including at least 56 from an airstrike targeting an IDP camp in Dedebit.

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Allegations emerged that the Tigray War were smuggling in weapons, leading to the Ethiopian Air Force shooting down a plane, claiming it was carrying weapons for the TPLF; meanwhile, the government was accused of indiscriminate air bombardments on civilian targets.

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Tigray War has been the subject of numerous reactions and protests worldwide.

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