12 Facts About Tobias Whale


Tobias Whale is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.

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Tobias Whale is an African American kingpin with albinism, who works his way up from the rackets to head the Metropolis branch of the 100.

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Tobias Whale decides to have them hunted down in order to get revenge on them.

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In DC Rebirth, the real Tobias Whale was seen in the pages of Black Lightning: Cold Dead Hands.

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Tobias Whale respected his nephew enough as a blood relative to kill him personally.

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Tobias Whale later told his unnamed sister that her son was dead for using his name for his "half-assed" ventures and that he was an idiot.

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Tobias Whale has fought Black Lightning on several occasions with nothing but his bare hands.

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Tobias Whale is a master hand-to-hand combatant who is skilled in boxing, street fighting and judo.

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Tobias Whale is a highly intelligent criminal strategist who is a skilled planner and mastermind.

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Tobias Whale has vast knowledge of criminal strategies and planning and possesses vast knowledge in political science.

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Tobias Whale has access to a variety of weapons, but his personal favorite weapon is his harpoon which he is dangerously skilled with.

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Tobias Whale is opposed by the vigilante Jean-Paul Valley and the stranded playboy Bruce Wayne.

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