69 Facts About Tom Daley

1. Tom Daley commented: "We're really happy with that—421 points for our first competition together is pretty solid.

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2. Tom Daley admits his seven-month-old tot is "cheeky", but "adorable", and growing "so quickly".

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3. Tom Daley added that things would likely change next year when Robbie travels to Tokyo 2020 with his parents to watch Daley compete as "there won't be anything stopping people taking photos".

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4. Tom Daley has revealed that becoming a father "changed his perspective" after welcoming baby Robbie with husband Dustin Lance Black last year.

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5. Tom Daley has two brothers—William who is three years younger, and Ben who is five years younger.

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6. Tom Daley appeared to compare gay men having children to her getting a boob job.

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7. Tom Daley will compete in the individual 10m platform final in Plymouth on Sunday at 16:20 GMT.

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8. Tom Daley says he and his husband share overnight responsibilities, with Lance looking after Robbie for most of the day while the diver is training, before Tom takes over in the evenings as Lance takes calls from his native USA.

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9. Tom Daley has two brothers—William who is three years younger, and Ben who is five years younger.

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10. Tom Daley has two brothers—William who is three years younger, and Ben who is five years younger.

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11. Tom Daley is quite active on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter as well as Youtube.

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12. Tom Daley made mention of it at a City Club speech", Culloton said.

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13. Tom Daley used this platform to announce his relationship with American screenwriter Dustin Lance Black.

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14. Tom Daley said: "I'd never felt the feeling of love, it happened so quickly, I was completely overwhelmed by it to the point I can't get him out of my head all the time.

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15. Tom Daley won BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year 2010 for the third time in his career, and is the first person to receive this award three times.

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16. Tom Daley finished second in the category "B" platform competition with 549.60 points, between China's Qiu Bo (551.85 points) and Wu Dongliang (474.00 points).

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17. Tom Daley persuaded supermodel Kate Moss to pose for a recreation of an original portrait by David Hockney, as part of a GCSE photography project recreating great works of art, after meeting her on a photo shoot for the Italian version of Vogue.

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18. Tom Daley met the qualification standard for the 2006 Commonwealth Games, but was not selected for the England team because of his age.

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19. Tom Daley has two brothers—William who is three years younger, and Ben who is five years younger.

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20. Tom Daley was born in Plymouth, Devon, England, the son of Debbie and Robert Daley.

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21. Tom Daley won two gold medals for England at the 2010 Commonwealth Games, in the 10m synchro diving and the 10m Individual Platform competition, and won the bronze medal for Great Britain in the individual competition at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games.

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22. Tom Daley represented Great Britain at the 2008 Summer Olympics where he was Britain's youngest competitor, age 14, and the youngest from any nation to participate in a final.

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23. Tom Daley started diving at the age of seven and is a member of Plymouth Diving Club, where his talent was identified early, and has made an impact in national and international competitions from age 9.

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24. Tom Daley was the 2012 Olympic bronze medalist in the event.

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25. Tom Daley is only 18 years old but he is Great Britain's best diver.

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26. In 2009, Tom Daley reached a career-best ranking of number one in the FINA World Diving Rankings for the 10m platform.

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27. Tom Daley posted an unflattering photo of Lee onto his Instagram page.

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28. Tom Daley moved into the reality TV market on the back of last year's Games in London.

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29. Tom Daley went to the 2008 Summer Olympics where he was the youngest athlete for Britain.

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30. Tom Daley has been active in terms of the media lately and recently even hosted the Virgin Holidays Attitude Awards.

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31. Tom Daley has a large net worth because of his dominance in the field of diving for Britain.

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32. Tom Daley represented Great Britain in the 2008 Summer Olympics in the 10m platform and 10m platform synchro competitions.

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33. Tom Daley is an English diver, specialising in the 10 metre platform event.

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34. Tom Daley enlisted in the Navy in 1944 and is a retired Fireman First Class.

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35. Tom Daley says she found out his name and connected him with the organization.

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36. Tom Daley describes an encounter with a woman at a Maine Walmart, while he was developing a photo of him in uniform.

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37. Tom Daley had an opportunity to remember them, and thousands of others he fought alongside, after a trip to Washington, DC, on Honor Flight Maine.

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38. Tom Daley had an opportunity to remember them, and thousands of others he fought alongside, after a trip to Washington, DC, on Honor.

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39. Tom Daley announced his anti-violence plan Thursday, joining other candidates who are looking to address the issue.

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40. Tom Daley announced his anti-violence plan Thursday It will be moderated by former Illinois House Minority Leader Tom Cross, an Oswego Republican.

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41. Tom Daley was tipped to enter the jungle before the show began.

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42. Tom Daley said: "The London Aquatics centre is such a great venue, and I feel honoured not only to have competed at an Olympics here, but have it as my training base.

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43. In October 2017 Tom Daley hosted the Virgin Holidays Attitude Awards for the first time.

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44. Tom Daley is very active through social media, including creating videos for his YouTube channel for a number of years.

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45. In August 2014, Tom Daley was one of 200 public figures who were signatories to a letter to The Guardian opposing Scottish independence in the run-up to September's referendum on that issue.

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46. On 14 February 2018 Tom Daley announced on Instagram that he and his husband were expecting their first child through surrogacy.

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47. Tom Daley announced his engagement to Black on 1 October 2015.

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48. On 2 December 2013, Tom Daley released a YouTube video announcing that he had been in a relationship with a man since early that year.

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49. In the individual 10m platform, Tom Daley placed first in the preliminaries.

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50. In the individual event, Tom Daley earned a silver and a bronze medal.

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51. At the beginning of 2014 Tom Daley moved his training base from the Life Centre in Plymouth to the London Aquatics Centre at the Olympic Park in east London, with a new coach, Jane Figueiredo.

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52. In May 2012, Tom Daley regained the European 10-metre platform title when he won gold at the Eindhoven championships with a score of 565.05 points, 49.65 ahead of Victor Minibaev in silver position.

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53. In April 2012, Tom Daley won the British elite juniors 10-metre platform title by a margin of 140 points at the Plymouth Life Centre.

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54. On 27 July 2011, Tom Daley took the first dive in London's newly built Olympic Park Aquatics Centre marking the one year countdown until the games begin.

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55. Tom Daley took part in the 3m springboard diving competition and finished in 9th place.

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56. In August 2010, Tom Daley attended the European Championships in Budapest, Hungary, intending to defend his individual 10m title.

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57. In this competition Tom Daley finished in second place, 40.05 points behind Peter Waterfield.

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58. In February 2009, Tom Daley retained his individual British 10m championship, setting a competition personal best score of 517.55 points, 133.45 points ahead of the second-placed diver.

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59. In March 2008, Tom Daley became the youngest person to win a gold medal at the European Championships, held in Eindhoven.

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60. In January 2007, at the age of twelve, Tom Daley was given a special dispensation to compete at the 2007 Australian Youth Olympic Festival.

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61. Tom Daley decided not to undertake an International Baccalaureate course because of the pressures he faced in his preparation for the 2012 Olympics.

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62. In 2012, Tom Daley finished his two-year A-level studies in mathematics, Spanish and photography.

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63. Tom Daley took his GCSEs in small batches to fit around his diving commitments.

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64. Tom Daley was offered a full scholarship to board at independent school Brighton College, but his father turned this down due to the distance from home, and entered negotiations with local independent school Plymouth College, which had offered him a "very significant scholarship".

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65. Tom Daley was praised in the media for speaking out about his problem.

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66. In April 2009, Tom Daley alleged to Plymouth's main local newspaper The Herald that he had been bullied at school since the Olympics, and his father told the BBC that he had temporarily withdrawn him from that school because its response to the problem had been ineffective.

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67. Tom Daley was spotted by a coach, taking part in regular diving lessons, and was placed in a competitive squad in September 2002.

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68. Tom Daley made his debut in the show's premiere on 5 January 2013 as a mentor to the celebrity competitors taking part.

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69. In 2009, Tom Daley reached a career-best ranking of number one in the FINA World Aquatics Championships Diving Rankings for the 10m platform.

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