80 Facts About Tom Green


Michael Thomas Green was born on July 30,1971 and is a Canadian-American comedian, show host, actor, filmmaker, podcaster, and rapper.


Tom Green has appeared in the Hollywood films Road Trip, Charlie's Angels, Stealing Harvard, and Shred.


Tom Green additionally directed, co-wrote and starred in the cult film Freddy Got Fingered.


Tom Green was briefly married to actress Drew Barrymore, who co-starred with him in Charlie's Angels and Freddy Got Fingered.


Michael Thomas Tom Green was born in Pembroke, Ontario, Canada, the older of two sons born to Mary Jane, a communications consultant, and Richard Tom Green, a computer systems analyst and retired army captain.


Tom Green studied television broadcasting at Algonquin College and graduated in 1994.


At age 15, Tom Green started performing stand-up comedy at local clubs including Yuk Yuk's comedy club.


In 1998, he released Not The Green Tom Show as MC Face.


Tom Green soon had his own non-paid television show on public-access television on cable TV.


The first incarnation of The Tom Green Show aired from September 1994 until 1996 as a one-hour no commercial public cable access program on Rogers Television 22 in the Ottawa region.


The Tom Green Show was a variety show format, where he would have guests visit the studio and bands play before a live audience.


In October 1996, The Tom Green Show aired one time as a pilot on CBC.


The Tom Green Show was then picked up by MTV in January 1999, where he gained popularity in the United States and worldwide.


The format of the MTV version of the show was similar to his original show; it was hosted by Tom Green and co-hosted by two of his long-time friends, Glenn Humplik, who occupied the couch, and Phil Giroux, who sat behind a window at the back of the set and became known as "the guy in the window" usually drinking cups of coffee.


Derek Harvie, who co-wrote the show with Tom Green, occasionally appeared in the segments.


Some of Tom Green's most notable skits include pretending to "hump" a dead moose, having an X-rated lesbian scene painted on his father's car, drinking milk by sucking on a cow's teat, and putting a cow head in his parents' bed while they slept because his father was a fan of The Godfather films.


Tom Green hung his own unauthorized piece of art in the National Gallery of Canada with the added twist of later coming back and vandalizing it to the horror of onlooking patrons.


Brosnan, thinking Tom Green was a journalist, advised him not to give up his day job.


Tom Green did many segments humiliating his co-host and longtime friend Glenn Humplik; even after the pair had become well-known, Humplik continued working at his phone company job, fearing that his entertainment career might not last.


Tom Green teased him about this often and once gave out Humplik's office phone number on the air.


Tom Green eventually wrote a song called "Lonely Swedish ", which he composed during MTV's Spring Break while doing a show on a cruise ship.


Tom Green's increasing fame made it harder for him to ambush people during man-on-the-street segments, leading him to target mostly senior citizens and non-English speakers.


The MTV show Jackass debuted six months after The Tom Green Show went on hiatus.


Many of the segments on the show had close similarities to the segments from Tom Green's show: Bam Margera rudely awakening his parents, the cast of Jackass falling down while on crutches, swimming with sharks, etc.


In early 2000, Tom Green was diagnosed with, and successfully treated for testicular cancer.


In mid-2000, Tom Green spoke in front of thousands of students in the University of Florida and sang a song titled "Feel Your Balls" to help educate others about testicular cancer.


Tom Green has repeatedly denied that such a segment exists, and there is no evidence to suggest that such an event occurred.


Tom Green continued the trend of his brand of comedy in Road Trip in a notable scene where he put a mouse in his mouth.


Tom Green appeared at the ceremony to accept his awards, making him the first performer to do so in the award's twenty-year history, and the second recipient to do so following director Paul Verhoeven for Showgirls in 1995.


Tom Green arrived at the awards ceremony in a white Cadillac, wearing a tuxedo and rolled out his own red carpet.


In July 2000, Tom Green became engaged to actress Drew Barrymore.


The most notable incident came on November 18,2000, when Tom Green hosted the American television show Saturday Night Live.


Barrymore and Tom Green filed for divorce on December 17,2001, citing irreconcilable differences.


Tom Green wrote that this un-aired interview was the first time he walked off any show, and this was due in part to Short being "mean" and making fun of his testicle.


When Short brought up the incident in a 2005 interview, Tom Green defended his stance on his online blog.


In 2005, Tom Green returned to rap and started the group, The Keepin' it Real Crew, featuring DJ EZ Mike of the Dust Brothers, where they did two Canadian live tours.


On December 6,2005, Tom Green released his second solo album in Canada entitled Prepare For Impact, which included a bonus DVD featuring footage from his live tour.


Tom Green has performed with Too Short, Flavor Flav, Grand Buffet, Mickey Avalon, People Under The Stairs, Xzibit, and other popular rap artists on his Tom Green Live show.


On May 17,2019, Green released his new album entitled The Tom Green Show LP, which featured his new song "I Wanna Be Friends With Drake".


Tom Green was a recurring contributor to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno; doing many segments where he travels across America looking for "interesting people", typically bringing the most colourful person with him back to the studio.


In 2003, Tom Green visited troops in Kosovo on a USO tour.


Tom Green visited troops in the Persian Gulf on a 2004 tour.


In early 2006, Tom Green appeared in several commercials for the Canadian Cable Public Affairs Channel promoting both The Channel and encouraging voters to participate in the forthcoming federal elections, which took place on January 23,2006.


Tom Green rode a skateboard through a flaming hoop, appeared to be on fire for a few seconds, and was put out with extinguishers.


Tom Green has hosted a variety of special events, including the 2005 Canada's Walk of Fame induction ceremony, the Canadian Live 8 concert, and the 2005 CASBY Awards.


Tom Green was a contestant on the 2009 season of The Celebrity Apprentice.


In July 2011, Tom Green received mainstream attention from CNN and various sources for his claims that he invented planking in 1994.


Since then, Tom Green has been starring in low-profile independent films such as the 2008 movies Shred and Freezer Burn: The Invasion of Laxdale, and the 2009 movie Revenge of the Boarding School Dropouts.


In February 2010, Tom Green announced that he had finished editing an independent film titled Prankstar, which he starred in, wrote and directed.


Tom Green was on the March 21,2013, episode of Workaholics and the March 25,2013, episode of Canadian television series Seed.


Tom Green was in the 2014 Trailer Park Boys 3: Don't Legalize It movie.


Tom Green has made many appearances on the Canadian revival of the game show Match Game.


On January 13,2019, it was announced Tom Green would be a houseguest in the second American season of the reality show competition Celebrity Big Brother.


Tom Green was voted as America's Favorite Houseguest and won $25,000.


Since launching his web show in 2006, Tom Green has conducted long-format interviews with hundreds of guests; and has since then, taken various podcasting projects and re-launched his live show on television in 2013 using the same interview format.


Tom Green continues to broadcast the show from his website.


Tom Green later started a monthly subscription service that allowed subscribers to have full access to all the videos on his website.


The format of the show often includes Tom Green taking live telephone calls and Skype video calls where viewers around the world are able to chat with Tom Green and his guests.


On top of the live web show, Tom Green has added many video segments from his past as well as present.


In 2007, "Tom Green Live" won the 2007 TV Guide "Online Video Award" for Best Web Talk Show.


On his website, Tom Green has talked about the substantial costs of continuing the online show and that The Channel may be gone in mid-2011 if it is not profitable by then.


In 2011, Tom Green ended the subscription service on his website and stated that his live show is on hiatus.


Tom Green took down the TV studio that was in his living room.


Tom Green often takes time to meet with people in the audience afterwards.


In numerous interviews, Tom Green has stated that he started doing stand-up comedy at the age of 15 but stopped after he started his public-access television show.


Tom Green said that going back to stand-up comedy was something he always wanted to do.


In September 2009, Tom Green performed several stand-up comedy shows in Los Angeles, and later appeared at a MySpace secret stand-up event in New York.


Tom Green dressed in a Belleville Bulls jersey donated by a local movie studio he had visited earlier that day.


Tom Green discussed the city's recent ordeal involving the sentencing of disgraced CFB Trenton Base Commander Russell Williams, stating that he hoped Williams "was having an awesome weekend".


Tom Green was later involved in attempting to calm the audience down after Tila Tequila had rocks, excrement and urine thrown at her during her performance at the same event.


In subsequent interviews, Tom Green said he successfully calmed the audience down for 10 minutes, but things got worse when he left the stage.


Tom Green performed on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on August 17,2012.


In 2015, Tom Green began broadcasting from a studio in Los Angeles through the live streaming service on his YouTube channel.


In 2010, the feature started using new video footage in which Tom Green wore a Capitals jersey and performed scenes from the movie.


Tom Green was married to actress Drew Barrymore from July 7,2001, to October 15,2002.


In 2010, Tom Green stated that he had not seen Barrymore since the divorce, although Barrymore has spoken highly of him.


On September 25,2020, the pair met and spoke for the first time in fifteen years when Tom Green was a guest on Barrymore's eponymous talk show.


Tom Green later stated that he would not be alive today had it not been for Donald G Skinner.


On February 21,2019, Tom Green became a United States citizen.


On July 18,2021, Tom Green announced that he had returned to Canada to live on a 100-acre property located on White Lake in Central Frontenac, Ontario, after having lived decades in Los Angeles.