12 Facts About Ultra Tune


Ultra Tune is an Australian automotive servicing and roadside assist franchise with 275+ centres, the second largest independent automotive servicing and repairer in Australia, as of 2019.

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Ultra Tune commenced trading in 1979 with a pilot store in Box Hill, Victoria.

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Ultra Tune grew the organisation from around 70 mediocrely operating franchises into a successful national franchise network model making many of the franchisees considerable wealth in the process.

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In 2010 Ultra Tune expanded into the Kingdom of Bahrain, partnering with Bahrain National Holding and Saudi Arabia under the guidance of Hamish Murdoch working as general manager of the Middle East Division.

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In 2015 Ultra Tune Australia sold its interests in the company back to Bahrain National Holdings.

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In conjunction with Gadjah Mada University Indonesia, Ultra Tune initiated a training facility to educate and train students in automotive repair.

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Ultra Tune has always strived to differentiate itself from the competition by producing entertaining advertisements.

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In October 2018 Ultra Tune announced that Charlie Sheen will star in their upcoming Unexpected Situations advert to air in 2019.

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Ultra Tune has been heavily involved in the sponsorship of combat sports throughout Australia supporting events throughout the year such as Peter Maniatis Events, K-1 Oceania and A-1 World Combat Cup, Kings of Kombat, McSweeney's Fight Factory and Big Time Boxing.

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In 2015 Ultra Tune partnered with Port Adelaide Football Club at their home games.

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In early 2017 Ultra Tune launched a new ad featuring Belgian Actor and Martial artist Jean-Claude Van Damme.

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In January 2018 Ultra Tune launched a new ad starring former world heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson.

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