15 Facts About Universal Television


Universal Television LLC is an American television production company that is a subsidiary of Universal Studio Group, a division of Comcast's NBCUniversal.

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Universal Television Alternative Studio is a television production company owned by Universal Television made in 2016.

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Studio, as did Universal Television TV, signed a first-look agreement with Chelsea Handler in March 2018.

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Universal Television brought several NBC-aired programs, like The Adventures of Hiram Holliday and The Lawless Years, as well as non-NBC programs like The Silent Service and Philip Marlowe, but none of them were successful.

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Universal Television had returned to producing hit programs like The Pretender, Profiler, Providence, Ed, Las Vegas and Crossing Jordan.

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Universal Television held the position for two years, until he left in 1969 to join 20th Century-Fox Television, and later that year, had to start MTM Enterprises.

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Universal Television subsequently left Fox in 1971 due to conflicts with running MTM.

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In 1992, Universal Television signed a deal with several newer talent, plus some returning and existing talent that were offered at the studio, including Ivan Reitman, David Burke, John Leekley and R J Stewart.

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In 1994, Universal Television made a financing partnership with ABC to help them fund the show Blue Skies.

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Around the same time, Universal was acquired by Joseph A Seagram and Sons and later acquired the Multimedia Entertainment and USA Network.

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Universal Television would sell the ITC film and TV library to Carlton Communications, and the pre-1996 film library to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

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Shortly afterwards, PolyGram Television was then retained by Universal, opting Bob Sanitsky out of the unit.

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NBC Universal Television Studios was formed in 2004 from NBC Studios and Universal Network Television after NBC and Universal merged.

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On June 14,2007, NBC Universal Television Studio was renamed Universal Media Studios as the unit would be developing entertainment for the web.

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In October 2019, Universal Television was transferred from NBC Entertainment to NBCUniversal Content Studios.

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