15 Facts About Urmia


Excavations of the ancient ruins near Urmia led to the discovery of utensils that date to the 20thcentury BC.

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Urmia moved to the western part of Azerbaijan, and became the founder of the Afshar community of Urmia.

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The Christian history of Urmia is well preserved and is especially evident in the city's many churches and cathedrals.

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Tourist attractions of the city of Urmia include many parks and coastal villages lying on or near the shores of Lake Urmia.

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The oldest park in Urmia, called Park-e Saat, was established in the first Pahlavi era.

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Urmia's climate is humid continental climate, bordering on cold semi-arid climate, with cold winters, mild springs, hot dry summers, and cool autumns.

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Temperatures in Urmia are much colder than most of the remainder of Iran because of the elevation.

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Urmia is considered Iran's volleyball capital, and that is because of the ranks that Shahrdari Urmia VC got in Iranian Volleyball Super League and for the great volleyball players who play on the Iran men's national volleyball team and first-class coaches in Iran.

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Recently, Urmia has been called "the city of volleyball lovers" by the Federation Internationale de Volleyball official website.

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Meanwhile, as many experts of this art testify the Urmia Ashik, is the most original and oldest version in the world, which has preserved its origin until the present day.

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Urmia was an important centre for higher education approximately a century ago; indeed, the medical college of Urmia, which was built by Joseph Cochran and a team of American medical associates in 1878, is the first modern university of Iran.

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Today, Urmia has become an important centre of education, with several state and private universities and institutes, including those listed below.

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Urmia has one state-owned television channel, Urmia TV, which broadcasts in both Azerbaijani, and Persian, and internationally through satellite Intelsat902.

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Urmia has one radio channel broadcasting in Kurdish, Azerbaijani and Persian.

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Urmia is linked to Europe through Turkey's roads and Sero border crossing.

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