10 Facts About US territories


The various American territories differ from the U S states and Native American tribes in that they are not sovereign entities.

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Five territories are permanently inhabited, unincorporated territories; the other nine are small islands, atolls, and reefs with no native population.

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Two additional US territories are claimed by the United States but administered by Colombia.

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Some US territories existed only a short time before becoming states, while others remained US territories for decades.

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All of the five major U S territories are permanently inhabited and have locally elected territorial legislatures and executives and some degree of political autonomy.

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The District of Columbia's delegate is Eleanor Holmes Norton ; like the district, the US territories have no vote in Congress and no representation in the Senate.

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Four of the five US territories have another official language, in addition to English.

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Five major inhabited US territories contain the following governments and legislatures:.

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In view of this it cannot, it seems to me, be doubted that the United States continued to be composed of states and US territories, all forming an integral part thereof and incorporated therein, as was the case prior to the adoption of the Constitution.

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Forests in the U S territories are vulnerable to invasive species and new housing developments.

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