16 Facts About USA Rugby


USA Rugby was founded in 1975 as the United States of America Rugby Football Union, and it organized the first U S national team match in 1976.

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USA Rugby is governed by its board of directors and its congress.

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USA Rugby became a member of the International Rugby Football Board in 1987.

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In December 2011, for the first time, USA Rugby placed a representative on the 10-man executive committee.

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USA Rugby is a member of the U S Olympic Committee and interacts with the International Olympic Committee.

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USA Rugby generally earns between $8 million to $16 million in annual revenues, with the majority of the revenue coming from membership dues, event revenue, grants, and sponsorship.

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In early 2020, with the outbreak of coronavirus, USA Rugby filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy to develop a financial restructuring plan.

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USA Rugby lobbied for several years for participation in the IRB Sevens World Series.

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USA Rugby is a Founding Sports Partner of the Sports Museum of America, joining more than 50 other single-sport Halls of Fame, national governing bodies, museums and other organizations across North America, to richly celebrate the history, grandeur and significance of sports in American culture.

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In 2014, USA Rugby created Rugby International Marketing, a for-profit company that is responsible for promoting the sport of rugby.

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USA Rugby is responsible for organizing the various US national teams:.

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Professional Rugby Organization, known as PRO Rugby, was a USA Rugby sanctioned American professional rugby union competition that played in 2016.

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Rugby Super League, organized and sanctioned by USA Rugby, was the premier national level of men's club competition in the US.

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Collegiate USA Rugby Championship is a rugby sevens competition that has been held every year in June since 2010.

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USA Rugby oversees coaching and referee development of the game.

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USA Rugby requires coaches and referees to register and complete a number of certification courses depending on the level of play.

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