29 Facts About Utah Lake

1. Utah Lake is a remnant of Utah Lake Bonneville, an ancient, freshwater lake from the last Ice Age, said Bonnie Baxter, director of the Great Salt Lake Institute and a professor of biology at Westminster College in Salt Lake City.

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2. Utah Lake has hosted professional golf tournaments such as the Uniting Fore Care Classic and currently the Utah Championship.

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3. Utah Lake has one minor league hockey team, the Utah Lake Grizzlies, who play at the Maverik Center and compete in the ECHL.

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4. Utah Lake is the second-least populous US state to have a major professional sports league franchise, after the Las Vegas Golden Knights joined the National Hockey League in 2017.

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5. Utah Lake is much more conservative than the United States as a whole, particularly on social issues.

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6. Utah Lake is one of only two states in the United States to outlaw all forms of gambling; the other is Hawaii.

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7. In March 2018, Utah Lake passed America's first "free-range parenting" bill.

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8. Utah Lake is one of the 15 states that have not ratified the US Equal Rights Amendment.

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9. Utah Lake has seen an increase in tourism since the 2002 Winter Olympics.

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10. Utah Lake does not charge intangible property taxes and does not impose an inheritance tax.

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11. In 2014, Utah Lake was ranked number one in Forbes' list of "Best States For Business".

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12. One of Utah Lake's defining characteristics is the variety of its terrain.

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13. Utah Lake was Mexican territory when the first pioneers arrived in 1847.

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14. The city of Provo, Utah Lake was named for one, Etienne Provost, who visited the area in 1825.

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15. In 2013, the US Census Bureau estimated that Utah Lake had the second fastest-growing population of any state.

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16. Utah Lake has a population of more than 3 million according to the Census estimate for July 1, 2016.

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17. Utah Lake is the 13th-largest by area, 31st-most-populous, and 10th-least-densely populated of the 50 United States.

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18. Utah Lake is a state in the western United States.

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19. At the current level the Great Salt Utah Lake is approximately 75 miles long and about 35 miles wide.

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20. The main marina for Utah Lake is at Utah Lake State Park on the lake's eastern shore.

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21. Utah Lake estimated that 5000 barrels of fish could be secured annually from the fishery.

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22. Utah Lake was originally put on Utah's 2000 and 2004 303d list for phosphorus and total dissolved solids exceeding recommend values.

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23. In 1948, a study showed Utah Lake was being seriously polluted.

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24. Utah Lake is drained by the Jordan River, which begins at the lake's north end.

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25. Utah Lake contains a small island called Bird Island, about 2.25 miles north of the Lincoln Beach boat ramp, near its south end.

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26. Utah Lake is a remnant of a much larger pleistocene lake called Lake Bonneville, which existed from 75,000 to 8,000 years ago.

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27. Utah Lake is one of three lakes in the state that were deemed "navigable" at statehood and granted to the State of Utah.

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28. Utah Lake stayed with the Timpanogots band of Ute Tribe for three days.

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29. Utah Lake is a shallow freshwater lake in the US state of Utah.

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