18 Facts About Vaughan


Vaughan was the fastest-growing municipality in Canada between 1996 and 2006 with its population increasing by 80.

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However, it was not until the townships were created in 1792 that Vaughan began to see European settlements, as it was considered to be extremely remote and the lack of roads through the region made travel difficult.

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Vaughan Road was a historic road constructed in 1850 that linked Vaughan Township with Toronto.

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Vaughan declared a state of emergency because of the widespread damage.

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Vaughan is the first municipality in Ontario to have a Youth City Councillor.

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Vaughan is bounded by Caledon and Brampton to the west, King and Richmond Hill to the north, Markham and Richmond Hill to the east, and Toronto — in the dissolved cities of Etobicoke and North York, to the south.

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Vaughan Metropolitan Centre is a new 179 hectare central business district under development around the intersection of Highway 7 and Jane Street, at the site of the former hamlet of Edgeley.

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Vaughan committed to building a new business and commercial core distinct from all of them.

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Vaughan was the largest city in Canada without a hospital until the 2021 opening of Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital on Major Mackenzie Drive north of Canada's Wonderland.

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Vaughan offers a complex transportation infrastructure, which includes highways, public transit, regional roads, municipality-funded roads, and train services.

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Three killings in March 2017; on March 14, a 28-year-old Vaughan woman was shot as she sat in a car parked outside of a lighting business on Caster Avenue, on March 23, a shooting of a 26-year-old Ajax man at Jane Street and Highway 7, and on March 30, a private social club shooting near Martin Grove Road and Highway 7.

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Vaughan is home to many amateur sports teams for a variety of sports, with an organization running a league for each of the four major sports.

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Vaughan has a high softball following, with the Vaughan Vikings and Woodbridge Warriors offering house league and rep opportunities, as well as and adult World Series Slo Pitch league.

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Additionally, Vaughan is home to the Ontario Soccer Association, the largest sports organization in Canada.

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Vaughan is home to the Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame and Museum.

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Vaughan is home to the semi-professional York Region Shooters from the Canadian Soccer League.

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From 1878 to 2000 Vaughan's news was covered by The Liberal published in Richmond Hill.

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Vaughan is home to 184 Canadian or regional headquarters, including:.

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