11 Facts About Vauxhall Victor


Vauxhall Victor is a large family car produced by Vauxhall from 1957 until 1976.

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The Victor was introduced to replace the outgoing Wyvern model.

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Original Vauxhall Victor, launched on 28 February 1957, was coded the F series and saw a production run of more than 390,000 units.

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When restyled, as the Series 2, the car lost all its '55 Chevy styling detail and the teardrop shaped Vauxhall Victor flutes were replaced by a single chrome side-stripe running nose to tail.

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FC was the last Vauxhall Victor to have an engine with push rods and rockers operating the overhead valves.

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The FD Vauxhall Victor was inspired by the contemporary "coke bottle" styling which had emanated from Detroit USA, five years before Ford's Cortina MK III.

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The FD Vauxhall Victor was first shown at the October 1967 British Motor Show.

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In February 1968 Vauxhall launched the Vauxhall Ventora, which was in effect a marriage of the Victor FD body with the 3.

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New Vauxhall Victor shared its floorpan and its basic bodyshell architecture with the Opel Rekord D but all of the exterior panels were unique to the Vauxhall Victor and thus not interchangeable with the Rekord.

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The Opel's door incorporated rear quarter lights and windows that wound fully down into the door whereas Vauxhall Victor's designers preferred the "cleaner uncluttered look" arising from their elimination of rear quarter lights.

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At the start of 1976 the relatively large 1800 cc Vauxhall Victor came with a recommended sticker price lower than that of the more modern but smaller and relatively well equipped Vauxhall Cavalier GL, which will have encouraged fleet managers to negotiate for higher discounts on the Cavalier and left the basic Victor looking embarrassingly underpriced.

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