7 Facts About Village Voice

1. In April 2006, the Village Voice dismissed music editor Chuck Eddy.

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2. The Village Voice was then managed by two journalists from Phoenix, Arizona.

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3. Over time, the Village Voice changed its stance, and, in 1982, became the second organization in the US known to have extended domestic partner benefits.

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4. In 2001, the Village Voice sponsored its first music festival, Siren Festival, a free annual event every summer held at Coney Island.

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5. The Village Voice announced on August 22, 2017, that it would cease publication of its print edition and convert to a fully digital venture, on a date to be announced.

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6. In October 2015, The Village Voice changed ownership and severed all ties with former parent company Voice Media Group.

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7. The Village Voice hosted a variety of writers and artists, including writer Ezra Pound, cartoonist Lynda Barry, and art critics Robert Christgau, Andrew Sarris, and J Hoberman.

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