23 Facts About Vincent Gallo

1. Vincent Gallo made his directorial debut in the 1998 film "Buffalo '66", which was nominated at the Independent Spirit Awards and earned significant amounts of money which helped increase his net worth.

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2. Vincent Gallo composed and performed much of the music for the film.

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3. Vincent Gallo is an American film director, writer, model, actor and musician.

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4. Vincent Gallo is a professional American actor, director, model, musician, and painter.

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5. Vincent Gallo is professional American actor, director, model, musician, and painter in America.

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6. Vincent Gallo is a famous American actor, director, model, musician, and painter in America, he is born on 11-Apr-1961 in Buffalo, New York, America, Her home city is Buffalo, New York, and Nationality American.

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7. Vincent Gallo has created all of his films' trailers and posters.

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8. Vincent Gallo is a fanatic record collector, owning over 35,000 vinyl LP's.

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9. Vincent Gallo is one of the actual motorcycle riders in his feature film, The Brown Bunny.

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10. Vincent Gallo wrote, composed and performed the original music for the films Buffalo '66, The Agent (1990) and Promises Written in Water (2010).

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11. Vincent Gallo has released several musical albums including 2 on the prestigious Warp Records label-When and Recordings of Music for Film.

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12. Vincent Gallo has had over 25 one-man shows of his paintings, including several with famed New York art dealer, Annina Nosei, and 4 museum shows including one at the Hara Museum in Tokyo, Japan.

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13. Vincent Gallo had appearances in more mainstream films, like Goodfellas, and The House of the Spirits.

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14. Vincent Gallo is an American actor, producer, musician, and painter.

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15. Vincent Gallo is an actor, filmmaker, and provocateur with a net worth of $8 million.

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16. Vincent Gallo is godfather to Chris Squire's son Cameron and helped Squire with his autobiography.

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17. Vincent Gallo played electric bass and sang in the mid-1970s in several adolescent garage bands such as Blue Mood, a progressive rock cover band named Zephy, (not to be confused with the late 1960s band of the same name) which did one performance at Lincoln Park, Tonawanda New York in 1978.

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18. Vincent Gallo plays the two largest roles in the film, the English-speaking Sheriff and the Italian speaking assassin.

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19. In 2003, Vincent Gallo starred in and directed the film The Brown Bunny, which chronicles a motorcycle racer's cross-country road trip, and co-starred Chloe Sevigny.

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20. Vincent Gallo is an American actor, director, model, musician and painter.

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21. In 1984, Vincent Gallo appeared as a dancer on an unsold TV pilot for a hip-hop dance show called Graffiti Rock.

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22. Vincent Gallo stars in Davide Manuli's 2012 La leggenda di Kaspar Hauser, a modern-western interpretation of the German legend of Kaspar Hauser which premiered at the 2012 International Film Festival Rotterdam.

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23. Vincent Gallo was born in Buffalo, New York, the son of Janet, a hairdresser, and Vincenzo Vito Gallo, a hairdresser and professional gambler.

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